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Need a blazing fast website? Get it optimized today!
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Need a blazing fast website?

Get it optimised today!

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Website Optimization helps to ensure that your website reaches your users within no time. Research has proven that you enhance 57% by just saving 1 second of loading time. Enhancing your website for speed, accuracy, functionality, response-time, and many more, optimising your website helps to increase your visitors and customers in return. Moreover, did you know that best SEO optimised websites tend to attain higher visibility and are ranked at top by search engines. Pro Web helps with the best website optimization services to enhance your ROI by ensuring that your websites are blazing fast and are user-friendly to retain your customers. With expert professionals integrating the latest technologies working on your website optimization, your websites are bound to be the best in all aspects.

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Key Features

Perfect Hosting

A good host is extremely important for many reasons - among the most important for speed and user experience is server level caching, and the inherent performance to provide a fast TTFB or Time To First Byte. We have servers which can be utilised for your optimisation. However, we can also enhance the services if your website is on other servers as well.

The Page Builder

It's easy to hate on page builders (the wrong builder could mean the end of your website optimization journey!), the reality for most professionals is that the end-client needs to be able to manage their own website, including editing and adding new content.


Another great offender for loading additional scripts where they're not needed. It's necessary to analyse the number of plugins on a website. However, lots of plugins are for background functionality and have no impact on the front end. Our goal is to minimise the number of plugins loading resources on the front-end, especially if that resource is not needed on certain pages.

Script Ordering

To go back to how a web page loads or is 'painted' by the browser, you need to understand that for the page to show up, it has to first load the HTML, then the CSS. At this point the JS and other resources such as images can load. Knowing how many scripts are loading, in what order, and what they do is a large part of website optimization.

Minification of CSS, JS, HTML

When creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) files, developers tend to use spacing, comments and well-named variables to enhance code readability. However, Web servers can parse content without comments, both of which create additional network traffic without providing any functional benefit. Website speed optimisation is done by testing and resolving these issues.

Combination of CSS and JS

CSS and JS files can be combined into a single file each. This greatly reduces the number of HTTP requests each page load requires, however, it can introduce style or functionality issues as the natural ordering is disrupted. This step, more than any other extensive testing, usually results in several CSS or JS files to be excluded from the combined files, but the end goal is website optimization.

Inline CSS and JS

Inline CSS and JavaScript will help the site to load faster than loading the external files. These files won't be a part of SEO activities but it is one of the important factors in page speed optimization. Inlining all CSS can improve performance for sites with low page views, but slows down performance otherwise. Hence, it is mandatory to check for adequate optimisation.

Browser Caching

Browser caching stores static files locally in the user's browser. Then, if that same file is used on another page they visit, the file isn't needed to be downloaded again. This allows you to reduce repeated requests for static files, lowering HTTP requests and page size to improve loading, greatly helping your website optimization. We help you by enhancing the website optimization.

Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading can be applied to images and iframes, instructing the browser not to load these until they enter the viewport. This can sometimes cause issues. Sometimes, you're better off without lazy loading, as the browser inherently loads resources based on their order. We shall test and help with identifying issues of lazy loading and resolving them while website optimization.

Prefetch, Preconnect and Preload

Prefetch is a low priority resource hint that allows the browser to fetch resources in the background that might be needed later, and store them in the browser’s cache. Preconnect allows the browser to set up early connections before an HTTP request is actually sent to the server. This includes DNS lookups, TLS negotiations, TCP handshakes. This in turn eliminates round trip latency and saves time for users.

Technologies we're familiar with

Once my website optimization is done, can I still update themes and plugins?

Yes, of course, you could upgrade your theme and plugins at any time. The optimization process doesn’t stop you from upgrading your theme or plugins.

How long does it take for a complete website optimisation task?

For a standard website optimisation time varies from 3-5 days. However, it entirely depends on the website. We let you know before starting.

How do I measure the performance?

We will share the performance report generated from tools like PingDom, GTmetrix and Google Page speed, taken before and after the optimization.

What is the real reason behind the slow websites?

There could be just one issue or multiple depending on the technology stack. However, major reasons include plugin, hosting, and design issues.

Why is the speed of the websites said to enhance the money conversions?

To actively gain conversions from the internet, you need to entice your website visitors and retain them. Your website speed plays a major role in this.

Is it true that fast sites rank higher than the slower ones?

Yes, one of the factors considered by google in ranking websites is the speed. Also, it is obvious faster sites can save time.

What packages do you offer for website optimization?

We offer various packages along with customised one. Please check the website optimisation packages page for details.

What if I face issues in my website even after opting for a certain package?

At Pro Web, customer satisfaction is must for us. First we won’t let that happen, however, if you at all face it, we will be ready to help.

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