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What Should Be The Cost Of Your Logo Design In Dubai?

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Posted on: Tuesday October 15, 2019

A logo is the first representation of the brand’s identity—usually the first thing seen by any customer & it’s precisely why a logo should be a stand-apart from the existing competition.  Now it might be clear that cost of logo design can’t be weigh with all business spending since you’ll gain both quality and value.


Hiring a professional graphic design companies in Dubai helps to ensure that your logo design will be distinct yet communicative of your brand’s identity.  Just like other service providers, logo designing also has range of packages & prices, and it’s crucial to understand what we’re getting-not getting is value for money preposition or not?


So, what is the cost of logo design in Dubai?


The cost of a logo design may vary from 0 AED to 10000 AED, but if you’re a small business or startup looking for quality design, a good logo design should cost between 140 AED – 1000 AED. You just need to fix the budgets and we’ll help you to figure out the best way to spend as per your needs.


AED 10 – AED 100 AED 100 – AED 500 AED 500 – AED 1000 AED 1000+
Logo Design Source Free Logo Designer Design Contestant or Freelancers Again Design Contestant or Freelancers Professional Graphic Design Agency in Dubai
 Logo Quality Basic logo’s created by in-stock font’s & items Good creativity but limited experience for precision More professional design with right amount of creativity Top quality designs from team of professional graphic designers & creative geniuses.
Who’ll be using it? Budget & time-conscious businesses usually approves generic designs. Business houses having an understanding for good designs will be giving more time Businesses looking for quality in mid-range pricing Fully resourced business house wanting to have complete branding


Lower Range:  10 – 100 AED


Creating logo by yourself is the cheapest option for getting a logo.  However if you are part-time designer having good knowledge about Adobe Illustrator, then it’s phenomenal otherwise go for a logo generator providing 0 AED usage charge and 10 – 50 AED for purchasing your design with basic option for icon & fonts.  Choosing this way might give you a fair design that might be usable, but if you don’t have any designing skills or training, then you might get something that feels ordinary.


Our logo design range from 100 – 250 AED (Normal), 250 – 500 AED (Intermediate), 500 – 1000 AED (Professional) & 1000+ AED (Enterprise), so businesses having any budget can invest in a professionally designed logo.


     logo Design - Pro Web- Unisys


Midrange:  AED 100 – AED 490


What more could you ask if you have a few hundred dirhams in your budget. Then you probably get a good design, without breaking the bank & why not? You’ve a sweet spot for logo designing.  You are eligible for 2 options- freelancer or logo design contest in within this price range. A freelancer can prove to be a great asset—giving expert customization’s as per feedback.  Moreover, there’s a huge range of experience available leading to more possibilities of cost and quality work.  Just have a keen look on the portfolios and testimonials of available designers- if you want to work one-on-one. Some other things to consider:


  • Billing Process (hourly or project basis)
  • Total Experience


If the chosen designer has a proven track record then you’re going to get a higher quote along with a detailed breakdown of possible outcome.  If you’re looking to restrict budget on AED 100 – AED 490, designer would likely be a lesser tested one which will require you to have clear vision, experience of giving feedback, and time to work on drawbacks. So if you want to get what you want, and don’t have time to spend in corrections then consider spending more.


Logo Contests


The possibility of appropriate pricing with wide range of design options is what you get in a logo design contest. Here you get dozens of unique ideas from global designing community along with opportunity to interact and give feedback to designers, so that end product can be shaped.  Also you can get a good design, like freelancers– more you pay-more the participation of experienced designers, so you get to choose from number of high-quality designs.  The only thing to lookout would be experience of drafting briefs and working with designers.


High Range: 1000+ AED


Buying a logo design means getting an excellent logo. To spend more money means getting more outcomes, that’s working with any professional design agency.


Professional branding companies or Designing agencies is another good option for getting a logo designed or even a complete branding package for costs.  Working process of these design agencies includes competitor analysis and market research for making a brand stand ahead of the curve.  Also creative team of these agencies approach projects from every possible angle, ensuring nothing important leaves behind.


But as mentioned above, hiring these agencies is costlier. The branding packages (including logo) starts from 5000 AED with agencies & that’s a huge amount for small brands. In addition, all agencies are not created equal whereas hiring any freelance designer needs constant research into their working style and client feedbacks.


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What do you get?


It’s important to know exactly what you should be getting for your money regardless of whichever direction chosen by you for logo design project. Whether it’s a freelance designer or any design contest or an agency, just ensure few things:


  • Logo should be in multiple formats
  • High-resolution file for printing
  • Different variants for website, social media and other digital needs
  • Full legal copyright to ensures that logo design is exclusively yours


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