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Which Payment Gateway Is Best Suitable For Your Business?

Payment Gateway

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Posted on: Saturday May 23, 2020

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Written by: Jayshri Gupta

As everything gets online now, there’s no option left apart from finding a reliable source for dealing through a single-window without any support of good old ways we learned; seeing straight into someone’s eye for having the confidence to trust them. See, gaining trust cannot be done only by looking deep into the person’s eyes in front; opinions from others coming your way also prove their worth.


About Payment Gateways


Every business needs to define their payment mode, and when it comes online, gets referred as payment gateway. And Pro Web can help you in adding this feature to your website within quick succession!


In more straightforward terms, a payment gateway is an e-commerce app service authorizing secured credit card payments for an online retailer, e-business, etc. It is a dedicated portal to perform desired money transactions between websites and banks instantly.


Integrating Payment Gateway


Among millions of questions coming to your mind while setting up your business, thought of managing the charges for your service and receiving the payment for it. The answer is easy. It would help if you integrated a secure payment portal for accepting online payments. But the integration needs to be done by experts to ensure that both merchant and customer can feel confident while processing the money transfers on the website.


We can help you here! Pro Web offers complete payment gateway integration according to your specific requirements through the finest web development team! Further, we have listed a few options for suitable payment gateway options available to save your time and efforts searching for a convenient payment option for your online business.


What more could anyone ask for?


Payment Gateway Types:-


(1) Hosted Payment Gateway


Whenever a user gets redirected to another page from an E-commerce website, it is referred to as a Hosted Payment Gateway. Here customers need to leave the site to reach a new page where payment gets completed, and after the process gets completed, you would be redirected back to where you left off. Also, this kind of gateway doesn’t require taking any confidential details on your website. Instead, they take the customer to their payment gateway site handling the security risk.


(2) Shared Payment Gateway


When making payments, the user doesn’t redirect to another site’s payment page; it’s a Shared Payment Gateway. After clicking the payment link/button, a post form appears, and after filling this form with asked details and submitting it, payment gets processed on the same page. Upon successful validation, the user gets redirected to a “thank you” page.


Considering Factors While Selecting Payment Gateway:-


Considering Factors While Selecting Payment Gateway


It may be a confusing decision, but one can refer to expert advice for staying away from all the confusion. It’s essential to select a perfect payment gateway option by keeping these factors in mind: transaction fees, on-form payments, card types, and recurring billing.


  • Transaction Fees


It’s normal to stumble upon the charges any payment gateway will apply for using their app and processing payments. Either it’s a fixed fee per transaction made or a specific amount percent from each purchase or even a mix of both. The cost of withdrawing funds to your bank account is also included in transaction costs.


  • On-Form Payments


Some payment gateways will collect the payment on your website using a simple form, while others will redirect users to the payment gate page for processing payments. It’s an essential factor for those who prefer a pre-built form on a website integrated with a payment gateway.


  • Card Type


Many payment gateways directly receive payments from customers who use credit/debit cards. It helps in saving customers time from registration and creates account processes. But it’s necessary to know what type of card is accepted by the gateway and which locations are supported.


  • Recurring Bills


The process to set up and manage subscription payments every month without facing the hassle of dealing with this action manually is a facility offered by a few payment gateways; the recurring bill.


Popular Payment Gateways For Dubai, UAE Only


Is your business sales exclusive in UAE? If yes, then follow the comprehensive guide containing details about the top 4 payment gateways in Dubai.


Payment Gateways for International Businesses:-


Below are some of the most popular payment gateways with all of their pros and cons you must be aware of before choosing any one of them for your payments.


1. PayFort (Amazon Company)


Payfort is most utilized in the United Arab Emirates payment source, known as Amazon Payment Gateway payment in UAE. It helps three cost updated levels, making it suitable for startup and E-commerce business updates more payment plans.


This most reliable payment gateway in UAE grew very prevalent among administrators and new ventures. The monthly payment is about AED 280, with zero setup charges. Even the cost per transaction is as low as 2.8 percent, plus an additional AED 1.00 is priced as an exchange cost. People worried about the payment framework’s security level may pay a supplementary recurrent fee of AED 35 per month, with a service fee of about AED 135; this provides them the capability to identify any deceitful actions in the payment structure.


Pricing Structure


  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost: Per 2.94% + AED 1.84
  • Monthly Cost: AED 420
  • Additional security charges: Setup-AED135 and monthly AED 455.


2. Telr


Another favorite online gateway for transaction solutions with great accepts and concoctions with various options. It has excellent security zones for riskless transactions.


Pricing Structure for Telr:


Monthly Payment: The payment gateway presents monthly subscription assistance to start with. Their website contains a detailed description of these plans. Basically, E-commerce store retailers can pick from three account levels:


  • Entrance Level: AED 349 pa
  • Base Level: AED 99 pa + Transaction Costs
  • Medium Level: AED 49 pa + Transaction Costs


However, they don’t charge any setup cost yet. The per transaction charges are described below:


Setup Cost: Free


Per Transaction Cost: 


  • Small Level: 2.69% + AED 1.00
  • Medium Level: 2.49% + AED 0.50


3. Checkout


In 2014, Checkout offered an online streamlined payment solution for an online website in UAE and internationally, including E-commerce apps payment. Their end-to-end policies are designed to give the business a faster pace. They produce a variety of customizable and scalable clarifications that grant granular aspects and practical insights. The app is intelligent enough to adapt to the particular market and give an outstanding user experience.


With a transaction price of AED 0.75 to 2.75 percent of the entire volume, young entrepreneurs starting their businesses in the UAE have this as one of the best options.


Pricing Structure


  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost: 2.9% + AED 1.10
  • Monthly Cost: None


4. PayTabs Payment Gateways


This payment gateway is both reliable and versatile. It intends to aid E-commerce businesses in sustaining and creating purchases electronically, with the device producing and delivering receipts using innovative and flexible technologies. Moreover, it is straightforward to integrate and fix.


You will be able to set up all of the required PayTabs systems in less than a day and yet get it working smoothly. Several methods consolidate PayTabs, like iFrames, SDKs, plug-ins, and immediate connectivity via API. Currently, they impose 2.85 percent + 1 AED per transaction.


Pricing Structure 


  • Set-up Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost:
    • PayTabs Start-Up (up to $ 2000): None
    • PayTabs Growth Plan (over $ 2000): 2.7% + AED 1
  • Monthly Cost:
    • PayTabs Start-Up (up to $ 2000): AED 183.50
    • PayTabs Growth Plan (over $ 2000): None


They have variable pricing options for enterprise-type businesses.


Payment Gateway


Today, payment gateway pricing in the electronic business small and medium corporations is in the e-commerce market.


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Written by: Jayshri Gupta

Jayshri Gupta is a Digital Content Writer at Pro Web. With an engineering and analytical background, she is highly dedicated to learn new technologies and write about them. She has a 2 year experience in content writing inclusive of varied fields including Press Releases, Articles, News Pieces, and Blogs.