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Opencart Website Development | 7 Min Read

Why Businesses Require Opencart E-Commerce Website Development Solution?

Opencart in UAE

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Posted on: Thursday April 30, 2020

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The growth of e-commerce business has been phenomenal in past few years. This has made it essential for various organizations to exhibit themselves on various platforms for extend their brand visibility.  With several e-commerce web development platforms getting upraised in market, merchants have got a vast exposure for growing their online business. OpenCart is renowned as one of the best solutions facilitating scalability, flexibility, and multi-level functionality. Businesses seeking for robust and reliable e-store must select OpenCart as the best solution for the niche. It’s an ideal and easy management tool for adding array of products in forming a perfect and versatile e-store.

The Significant features which make OpenCart E-commerce Development popular options:


Developing an Online E-commerce store is completely simplified with OpenCart E-commerce development. It is user-friendly and customizable platforms that involve only a few technical changes and you can customize the look and feel of the e-store. As the process involves simple and flexible development it is the powerful and scalable e-store implementation. If it requires any updates that can be reflected and integrated into your web store. It is effective for improvising your sales and conversions as you need not worry about the functionality and robustness of your online store every time. Intermittently your audience will have the instant access to your e-store that drastically reduces the abandonment rate of the audience.


This platform offers several free and cost-effective themes and plugins which can be used for providing a unique touch and feel to your e-commerce store based on open cart development.  Being a module based platform, its easy and prompt to configure.

Functional and Secured:

It resolves the issues pertaining with small and medium-sized businesses as these lags behind funds to fulfill the objectives of developing a functional e-commerce store. Here businesses can create, integrate, manage, and configure the online store through a functional and secured user interface.

SEO Friendly:

OpenCart offers search engine friendly configuration and integration. The web pages developed here are completely manageable and SEO friendly. Hereby making it easy to get your online store indexed at top position and embrace search engine rankings, which in turn can improves the sales and conversions.

Multi-lingual Buildup:

More than seventeen languages are supported by OpenCart; it’s a flexible platform for the store owners looking to built multi-lingual stores.

Multi-Store Management:

OpenCart allow business owners to manage more than one online store simultaneously. It enables them to set up different themes for multiple stores so that each one functions uniquely in their own functionality state.  Also you can customize each store by setting different language, tax type, shopping cart transaction, and integrate different prices for each store. Depending on the specific region and country you are buying, selling, shipping and transecting, the platform lets you modify the rates accordingly.

Payment Gateways:

You can use many different payment options as most money processors relating payment modules are available by default. These payment gateways facilitate flexible e-commerce shipping methods along with flexible payment gateway modules with 10 predefined shipping method modules for meeting the specified goals of the shipping method you select for your online store.

East Reporting:

It facilitates three methods of monitoring the sales percentage; sales report, viewed products, and sold products. Sales report provides the analytical strategy of sales whereas viewed products is the interest of users and how many users are viewing your online stores and lastly sold products give the analytical report of products sold on regular basis.

Final Words:

Since OpenCart provides multiple advantages for the online store configuration. It’s one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective e-commerce solutions for businesses today. We are one of the leading e-commerce web development companies in Dubai. Do you need help to create a world-class e-commerce store for your business?