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Mobile Application Development | 7 Min Read

Why Should We Use React Native For Mobile App Development In 2020?

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Posted on: Monday April 13, 2020

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The pace of technological advancements has been rapid for past 3 decades with one each person carrying their individual mobiles. This also indicates how the use of mobile phones has changed the face from just telecommunication device to important marketing tool by now. These smartphone are equipped with robust apps now brings every required goods and services in a finger touch.

Leading mobile app development companies Dubai continuously develop functional mobile apps which make them a vital part of our day to daily activities. Here we will discuss how a good framework like React Native is significant for mobile application development. We will see how it is significant?

What is React Native?

React Native is a combination of React (Java Script Library) & Native (apps developed for a particular device and installed directly on to those devices), an open-source framework created by Facebook for development of functional mobile apps. The distinguish feature is that developed apps function exactly like Native Apps and are much fast and less expensive. The main purpose of React Native is to bring in the power of ‘React’ to native mobile apps.

Why React Native?

Here are some reasons why you should be using React Native for mobile app development.

  • Low budget

This mobile app development platform can help you save both money and time. Also you can perform the development much faster and stay ahead with React Native to achieve return on investment, hereby making your company survival more easy.

  • Offers cross-platform

Any mobile app developed in React Native can be used for both android and iOS platforms with the same code. It also means that developed app will perform the same without any changes in the code.

  • Simple coding

Complex tasks can be performed with simple coding in react native. The feature called ‘Live Reload’ allow users to make code changes and load the app simultaneously.

  • Transparent codes

The modules and codes are lucid, making it easy for any developer to understand and deal with the codes running the application. Also the requirement for a core developer gets null and void here.

  • Easy plug-ins

Easy framework and well-applicable modules makes 3rd party collaboration easy without using WebView.

  • Stay longer

Daily development in the framework requires solution to every problem hereby making it hard for developer to resist, but simplified coding makes React Native last longer than any other mobile app development platform.


Now we will see the advantages of using React Native for mobile app development.

  • Open-source

Like mentioned earlier, React native is open-source platform which means any-every document related is easily available for anyone looking to use it for mobile app development. Also, you search for a solution to any challenge meet during online development online.

  • Code reusability and pre-built components

The development of same application in different OS can be tricky, but in React Native more than 90% of code itself can be used to cut short both the time and cost spend by half. Also, it has an open-source library of pre-defined components which can be easily deployed in your app.

  • Declarative programming

This program describes you what to do and how to do it, which is opposite of imperative styling. It also makes the code flexible and transparent for developers, enabling them to easily understand the program and the code.

Companies using React Native

Instagram and Facebook are few among the largest companies using React native mobile apps.


In the end we would say that developing an app is both time consuming and multidimensional. So the best choice for mobile app development platform is React Native. Moreover if you are a start-up or an established business monk, you require having a mobile app just like brand website. Selection of professional mobile app development company like Pro Web will be helpful to tackle requirements like code reusability, time and cost in development of robust mobile apps. Contact us with your specific requirements today.