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Mobile Application Development | 8 Min Read

Why Your Mobile App Development Should Be Outsourced?

Why Your Mobile App Development Should Be Outsourced

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Posted on: Thursday October 24, 2019

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The growth of smart mobility is unprecedented. These smart devices has created its important place in every human beings life; be they are students, employees of an organization, homemakers. Latest studies worldwide by Newzoo, clearly indicates that total number of smartphone users will encompass 3.8 billion mark by 2021.  All these statistics, imprint one point; increase in demand for mobile app development without any disbeliefs.

Both, Android and iPhone, are leading platforms for app development with large user-base & businesses across various industry verticals are much aware of this, hereby getting prepared for marking their presence through apps.  But whenever these organizations begin, mobile application development, one of many doubts occurs is whether to employ own development team or outsource the project to a third-party developer.  One can easily find the answer by understanding the trend followed by other businesses and organizations. The mass go approach is outsourcing projects to leading app developers in Dubai.

Let us now understand why one should outsource their app development to third-party software designers:

  • Proficient Knowledge

Hiring a professional mobile app development firm means to hire knowledgeable personals having collective experience of one or two decades. It will also be helpful to get a perfect blend of required skill-sets to devise your app idea. These profound mobile app development firms has been constantly working on outsourced projects with a team of qualified designers, developers, and testers.  Also working on various projects in their organization endure those facing unique challenges, leading to gain capability of devising apps with high-quality and user-friendliness.

  • Fair Pricings

Any professional outsourcing development firm has a working culture with high transparency.  Starting from an understanding of client requirements afterward quote the estimated budget. This will avoid chances of any hidden cost occurring in between the development process.  They prefer clarifying everything related to cost from very beginning and, if somehow there’s nothing like any major change from client’s side, they’ll stick to given costs throughout development. This allows them to win the trust of their clients and maintain the cost-transparency.

  • Soaring Quality

Since an outsourcing firm is having several projects in pipeline to manage time and resources, there’s a huge possibility that it offers services in lowest costing but will maintain high-quality standards. Whereas organization with no previous IT experience have made a significant investment in employing a professional development team plus infrastructure which automatically doubles the development cost at last.

  • Rapid Development

The working culture in outsourcing firm is bit different from in-house in many ways. They’re having multiple projects in-line for completion. The work is distributed among several team-members to work together and rapid. This approach allows to develop and implement any app in much faster pace which is not possible with in-house team.

  • Dedicated Team Availability

Another counting factor is continual availability of skilled developers since these firm are handling multiple projects at same time. Keeping this approach makes project development and bug fixing process sorted within estimated time frame.  Also many of outsourcing firms even buoy clients to hire a dedicated team for taking care of their projects only. It’s useful for firms to complete every project on specified time.  

  • Superior Technology

The ever competitive scenario has made outsourcing mobile app development industry to constantly adopt latest technology and approach. This not only ensures survival of older firms engaged in the business providing highest quality development for several years now, but also become super-competitive as new firms are entering every now and then.

  • Integrity & Transparency

Any outsourcing company already present in public domain will not choose to hide anything as its clients from diverse industries.  Also they cannot influence them for giving positive feedback every time. In easy wordings any outsourcing firm has to maintain high level of integrity and transparency throughout the development of project. 

  • Liberty of choosing engagement models

An outsourced app development firm works for several clients from vivid industry verticals.  Specific industry have specific requirements for its project implementation.  It’s a precise reason why these firms provide complete freedom of choosing a monthly payment model or with a per-milestone model to its customers, along with scope of creating a custom model as per specific requirements of any project.

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