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World’s First ‘Ultra Secure’ Messaging App Released In The UAE

World's First 'Ultra Secure' Messaging App Released In The UAE

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Posted on: Friday March 5, 2021

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Written by: Mrunali Gaikwad

We live in an era of instant communication where most companies look up to messaging applications to transfer critical information. The UAE now has the world’s first ultra-secure messenger app with defense-grade end-to-end encryption: KATIM. The app release was announced last week by Digital14, one of the UAE-based advisors for digital transformation and cyber resilience.


This application is available to businesses and all government entities in the UAE. It is designed to offer private and secure communications across enterprises, leading to easy collaboration and decision-making. Thus organizations can now be confident about the security of their mission-critical information and continue confidential and secure communication.


When it comes to business-critical data transfer and its security, KATIM is a milestone. The newly released application represents a significant advancement of the KATIM Secure Platform, which was developed along with the world’s first ultra-secure smartphone in UAE in 2017.


This app has a zero-trust security posture and a multi-layer Secure-By-Design methodology which is the industry’s first. KATIM Secure Platform makes the application perfect with peer-verified secure communication. Government organizations and businesses can now communicate within a closed loop of trusted members.


A Word From The Makers  


According to the EVP for Secure Solutions at Digital14, Nilesh Patel, “We are all living in a hyper-connected digital world where digitization has been accelerated due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, constantly evolving security threats remain a major concern for government and business organizations. The current reality needs us to adopt a new approach and prioritize secure communications to make sure that our valuable assets, data, and sensitive information stay protected”.


Patel added, “Companies generally have to look for better ways to transfer most of their valuable assets, data and critical business details. Security is a major concern while they transfer something so valuable. Various organizations around the world look up to adopting messaging applications to share business-critical information. From a security point of view, it is important that users first verify who they are communicating to. When the data is being processed by the application, when it’s in transit and viewed by the receiver, end-to-end protection is necessary.


KATIM Messenger is designed with attack vector analysis and comprehensive threat modeling, which keeps data secure in all situations. The entire data remains private and secure throughout its life. Any data from the application is never shared with third parties for monetization.


Multi-layer end-to-end encryption is applied along with an optional National Cryptography. It brings a strong PKI-based user identity and customer-controlled HSM-based certificates. The application is developed, deployed and managed locally with optional behind-the-firewall-control for auditing abilities and secure compliance. Moreover, KATIM Messenger is built to protect mobile communications from remote identity, networks, and MITM attacks.


This application can be used by organizations on one device at a time considering security. It will be confined to a secure circle of selective peers that the administrators register for using the app. The licensing of the app would be done based on the number of users. One of the best things about KATIM Messenger is its self-destruct feature. It allows setting a timer to all documents and files shared so that they disappear after a specific time once the receiver has viewed them. No files can be downloaded from the app.


The application is securely distributed and is available for iPhones only. It can be obtained through an Apple Business Manager account of the organization or controlled application binary distribution for Android devices. Organizations can choose the deployment method – as a self-managed service in their on-premise infrastructure or through KATIM Messenger-as-a-service managed by Digital14. Patel said that the data is stored within the secure cloud in the UAE or over your servers in case of one on-premise deployment. The solution to the encryption keys can be controlled by organizations. It prevents anyone from decrypting end-to-end communications.



Written by: Mrunali Gaikwad

Mrunali Gaikwad is a technical content writer at Pro Web. She specializes in curating research based content for several niches including web development, digital marketing, eCommerce, travel, beauty, and business.