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YouTube To Deduct Taxes From Earnings Of Non-US Creators

YouTube To Deduct Taxes From Earnings Of Non-US Creators

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Posted on: Friday March 12, 2021

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Written by: Mrunali Gaikwad

In a recent announcement, YouTube mentioned that it would be deducting taxes from non-US creators on the earnings they get from viewers from the US. The new policy is likely to be applied from as early as June 2021. The Google owned company informed this to all creators through a mail. Also, YouTube asked all creators to update valid tax information in AdSense so that the correct amount of taxes can be deducted. All creators who belong to countries other than the US would be affected by this.


On its support page, Youtube mentioned that its parent company Google is responsible to collect tax information, withhold taxes, or report for the same under Chapter 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code for all the creators who earned royalty revenue from viewers of the United States. Thus the implementation of new tax requirements for earnings from YouTube is on its way. The support page further mentioned that “ In case, any tax deductions apply, Google would withhold taxes on YouTube earnings that were generated through viewers in the States. It could be in the form of ad views, Super Chat, Super Stickers, Channel Memberships, or YouTube Premium”.


With this information, YouTube has asked all creators to share their tax details as soon as possible. If a creator fails to update required information in their Adsense account by May 31, around 24 percent of their total earnings worldwide would be deducted. On the contrary, if the creators submit the required details, 0-30 percent of their earnings from US viewers would be withheld. The withholding rates are dependent on whether the creator country has signed the tax treaty with the US. Thus the tax deductions would vary for creators from different countries.


To explain this change and make it easier for creators to share their details, YouTube created a video.


Considering the fact that the company already withholds a cut from the earnings, this announcement has triggered criticisms from creators worldwide. Small creators who do not have millions of sponsors will be largely affected by this change. Watching continuous criticism, YouTube’s spokesperson released an emailed statement saying that this change is in alignment with the US tax law.


The YouTube Partner Programme offers monetization to creators who have at least 4,000 public watch hours within 12 months and more than 1000 subscribers. Last year, however, the company updated its policies to run ads on videos that belonged to small creators who aren’t generating any direct revenue from the platform and are not part of the YouTube Partner Programme. Considering all this, the new changes announced by YouTube have invoked anger among creators worldwide.


Source: Gadgets360.NDTV

Written by: Mrunali Gaikwad

Mrunali Gaikwad is a technical content writer at Pro Web. She specializes in curating research based content for several niches including web development, digital marketing, eCommerce, travel, beauty, and business.