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Web Development | 12 Min Read

12 Unavoidable Reasons That Why You Should Choose Laravel For Web Development

Laravel for web development

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Posted on: Tuesday October 20, 2020

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Are you planning to develop a new web? If yes!!! Then what can be better than the PHP framework for web development? The reason is that the PHP framework has a comprehensive range of platforms to choose from, and each one has different features and functionalities. But Laravel is the first choice of many clients. Curious to know why? Well, keep reading to explore the best reasons and impressive benefits to select the Laravel PHP framework for web development.


Before exploring the best reasons to use the Laravel PHP framework, let’s first know about the Laravel:-


What is Laravel?


What is Laravel


Laravel is PHP’s open-source and free web work, which is made by Taylor Otwell. It uses MVC patterns depend on Symfony to develop a web application.


Laravel is fast and easy to use, as well as offers a tremendous developing experience. Its unique and advanced features make it the first choice of a number of web developers.


Below explore the significant reasons, which make Laravel the best PHP framework for web development.


Why Use Laravel?


  • Tight security
  • Excellent documentation
  • Unified project environment
  • MVC architecture support
  • Blade templating engine
  • Great libraries
  • Readily Available Packages
  • Artisan
  • Routing middleware
  • Unit testing
  • Easy installation
  • Make complicated and lengthy programming easy


Let’s know about them in detail:-




While creating an app, everyone tries to use different ways to provide security to an app. Laravel uses a salted and hashed framework to maintain tight security. In simple words, the password will be saved as an encrypted text in Laravel, and for this, the Bcrypt hashing algorithm is used. Moreover, in order to avoid the injection attacks, Laravel uses SQL statements.


Excellent Documentation:


You can find outstanding documentation at the Laravel framework, which works to make various complicated processes clear, manageable, and simpler. From beginners to experienced, anyone can work on this PHP framework as it has easy to read and simple commands and syntaxes.


Unified Project Environment:


Laravel has a project environment that allows developers to do difficult programming tasks in an easy way. It also allows the developer to write codes in an easy and more structured way when developing different web applications.


What is the best part? Laravel provides fast and easy development results in the minimization of web development costs. To know more about the total cost of using Laravel, you can take help from a Web Development Company in Dubai.


MVC Architecture Support:


MVC architecture support


MVC implies for Model, View, and Controller. It takes application, logic, business, etc. from the interface to divide them and form a perfect interface model. It offers base functions for creating programs for both mobile devices and desktop. It also provides functions for creating programs for web applications.


Moreover, it provides a high-speed development process and better documentation.


MVC is one of the key reasons why Laravel is the best and popular PHP framework.


Do you that MVC is the first choice of developers for building their applications? MVC is easy to implement and understand.


Blade Templating Engine:


One of the advanced and unique features of Laravel, a blade templating engine, is a powerful and convenient engine that makes writing command and syntax very simple and clear.


Moreover, the engine templates are lightweight that allows developers to make new layouts effortlessly and conveniently. Developers can also give an attractive look to the app using different CSS widgets.


Great Libraries:


Laravel has a wide range of libraries that help developers in developing complete web applications from different segments. Apart from this, pre-written codes and class libraries are also present that developers can use to develop applications in a short period.



Undoubtedly, there are plenty of reasons to use the Laravel PHP Framework. But it is always good to take expert opinion before picking a platform for web development. So, we suggest you consult with a web development company like Pro Web before making any decision.


Readily Available Packages:


There are many packages available in Laravel, including Dusk, Socialite, Envoy, Passport, Telescope, Sanctum, Cashier, and so on. These packages help in explaining tasks on servers, maintaining billing services, and performing other tasks. Moreover, these packages make the full-fledged development process easy.




We can say that Artisan comes under the category of packages and tools. It is also known as Artisan CLI (command-line interface) and is most commonly used to create an application.


Routing Middleware:


The PHP framework is attached to the layer of the HTTP route and supports HTTP middleware. This feature will help you to finish the different routes in the software. Moreover, it gives you the chance to test and delete the particular queries and remove each normal layer. However, routine middleware makes the interaction task easier between the server and the application. The best part is that there is no requirement of third-party tools for functioning.


Unit Testing:


You can do further testing, even unit testing with the Laravel framework, to ensure that developers’ updates are right. This ensures perfect and good development of the application.


Easy Installation:


Easy installation


No user wants to download those applications which are difficult to install. Therefore it is a must to provide an easy installation process to the user so that they can easily download your application or package and get the services.


So, if you are looking for a PHP platform that offers an easy installation process, Laravel will be the best choice as it allows users to install your application easily. That’s the reason why Laravel is the famous PHP framework.


Make Difficult and Lengthy Programming Easy:


Laravel has laracasts which provides both free tutorial and expert paid tutorials. These tutorials can assist a developer in solving difficult problems through coding while developing a web. Experienced experts and professionals have created these tutorials and contents.


Concluding thoughts

Taking into account the reasons mentioned in this blog, it is clear that Laravel is perfect for developing superior quality and well-functioning web applications. If you are seeking to develop a web application using this PHP framework, consult an experienced and reputable web development company in UAE. Before selecting a company, it is highly recommended to determine your web development requirements. However, if you are a beginner in this field, just share your views on a web app with the developer or company.