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20 Best Web Development Blogs To Follow In 2017


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Posted on: Monday January 2, 2017

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Web Development is an ever growing world where those who become experts usually do so by learning from the mistakes as well as the experiences of their predecessors.

Below is a handy list of 20 best web development blogs that can be followed in 2017:

(1) CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks are a web design & development blog by Chris Coyier. Besides reaching out to some interesting design articles and videos, you’ll also find code snippets, an almanac and a web design forum there.

(2) Codrops

If you are a front-end developer or web designer, you’ll find a lot of useful tutorials, CSS reference, a web development experiment playground, code snippets and blueprints to get started from on Codrops. Codrops also discuss more general topics of web design.

(3) Oneextrapixel

Oneextrapixel a Singapore-based resource for both developers and designers calls itself a web magazine sharing useful articles, it publishes tutorials, galleries, latest news and much more for every web professional.

(4) Noupe

Noupe aims to deliver “stylish and dynamic news” for web designers and developers. The subject ranges from CSS, JavaScript, web design, to typography & advertising.

(5) CodeCondo

CodeCondo is an aspirant community both for developers, designers. Its intends to discover, gather, as well as share useful news, tutorials, tips, resources and tools, on design, development and other inspirational topics.

(6) Six Revisions web development blog

Six revisions are one of the best classical and comprehensive web development tool. With the regular updates provided by the Six Revisions, the web developers get new insights.

(7) Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code offers articles useful for web developers, web designers, and webmasters. It aims at making web development easier and much more fun offering top quality resources and useful tutorials.

(8) WebResourcesDepot

WebResourcesDepot blog offers tremendous potential making a better product even better. The update is practically on a daily basis. The content found here is of help to the developers. 

(9) WDRL

WDRL is the greatest web development blog listed, where you can sign up to and receive newsletters or read archived posts. It filters links for you to stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques. Topics about which you get to know includes web design, security, web-based tools and workflows and much more.

(10) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is another well-known news site, which cannot be overlooked. With new articles every other day it offers you great resources about HTML, CSS, JavaScript-related topics.

(11) Stoyan’s phpied

A great blog worth mentioning is the personal blog from Stoyan Stefanov, who’s a Facebook engineer and the author of some great books! It’s one of the best places to discover new articles, tools & frameworks.

(12) Coding Horror

Coding Horror is a great blog resource from Jeff Atwood. It offers great insights on the development of software engineering. You’ll get great tips and resources from Jeff sharing his experiences.

(13) Alex Sexton

The personal blog of Alex Sexton covers a broad variety of JavaScript related topics in a very plain and easy-to-understand method. You may also discover some new tools and trends on his blog which are waiting to be explored.

(14) Paul Irish

As a developer, Paul is well-known for creating tools that improve workflows and makes life easier for other developers. He is currently working on Google Chrome DevTools at Google. His blogs make us more productive with tools that improve your workflow help us make slicker mobile websites and web apps.

(15) is an aspiring site publishing articles, tutorials, videos about AngularJS, Node, JavaScript, Bootstrap and a lot more. It’s a place to go to in case you are looking for some new inspirational content or development resources.

(16) Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a website that publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers, maintained by Jacob Gube. It consists of tutorials, links to data-visualization tools, design resources and articles that cite real-world business experiments.

(17) DZone

DZone is extensively well known for its vast range of topics. In case you are in need of a briefing on machine learning, benchmarking, functional programming, developing for the cloud or agile practices, the primer on machine learning, benchmarking, functional programming, developing for the cloud or agile practices DZone has articles from highly regarded contributors who can help you learn more.

(18) WebAppers

WebAppers is a blog dedicated to sharing top quality web developer and web designer daily with best free icons, stock photos, brushes, fonts and design inspirations. You will get some of the best Javascript and Ajax components modal windows, menus, galleries, tooltips, charts, calendars plugins and a lot more.

(19) The Web Developer Plus

Web Designer Plus covers Ajax, CSS, Flash, jQuery and PHP, as well as Photoshop and WordPress. Their articles are always highly informative and freebies, which include WordPress themes.

(20) HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 Doctor is a Web Design and Development blog. And they cover many of the features and subject matters that one might have overlooked when moving from HTML to HTML5. It also has a useful component index that’s worth exploring. They publish articles relating to HTML5.