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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix For Building Website

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix For Building Website

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Posted on: Sunday July 5, 2020

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Several times our readers have asked for some help in making their websites more visible after using Wix or Weebly to build it.  And there lies the rub so to speak. Wix makes it very easy to build a great looking website, and very easy to build a very badly performing website.

So if Wix makes it convenient to build a website why shouldn’t use it?

1. Building Website Is ‘Easy’

It’s a renowned fact that Wix makes website building process much convenient then why that’s a negative?  Those considering website building easy are starting on wrong foot.  Many people think to have perfect knowledge about what looks good but if they get to design a brochure it would definitely look shocking – You’re not a graphic designer and should never pretend to be one, so why pretend to be web developer since business success is depends on your website?.

If website building was so ‘easy’ to build a working website then there wouldn’t be several blog and articles about search engine optimization (SEO), content curating, website reputation management and conversion optimization.

We think most companies, especially small to medium ones, do not spend much time on briefs of their websites. This happens because they don’t possess necessary knowledge to put questions in front of web agencies – their business specialty, you should be able to trust your web developer to ask the right questions. Wix makes it convenient to begin by combining all essential elements of web page and publish it.  Make sure that you need to think about everything your business requirement for marking your online presence.

It’s essential to consider the content structure, image size, page titles, header text, calls to action (CTA) getting utilized in search engine results (SERPs) as well as conversion optimization. Also you need to make sure that some online tracking code is being implemented so you can easily get to know its performance, and set up essential tools to get insights from your website that might drive your marketing decisions.

We have seen many highly priced websites without any Google Analytics tracking code – an essential oversight one shouldn’t really get while spending ample dollars.

2. Hidden Complexities

This is another wooing factor we hear you shout!  Hiding complexities in website development is not necessarily a good thing.  Here in WIX designing brochure like websites is easy and they’re not.  Consider the fact that Google’s perspective of seeing websites is quite different from what a normal user sees.  Moreover Google is not bothered about user experiences, it’s mostly focused on content and mobile friendliness.  But Google do consider the structure of page titles and how they convey page information, yet for a few Wix websites we haven’t seen, there has been no attention paid towards this despite Wix having provision for page SEO settings.

Also Google don’t care much about how nice your button looks, or how stunning the images are.  The search result gets bit complex when you don’t know what to do. Call to action gets missed in the result, and the description is not so appropriate about the page. Hiding these complexities would make it simple to get appreciative about your newly built website and go ahead to shout for it in front of the world.  You better keep shouting as this might end-up being the most preferred way to get your website searched as Google might not find it.

It’s essential to be informed about all the trickier bits to make the brand presence felt. Some of them are SEO, business listings, reviews and more.  A study from SEO specialist agency MOZ indicates that your website must compose all the required elements of your online presence –business listings, backlinks, citations and your website.  Without all these you will find it really difficult for customers to find, here a visually compelling Wix website will fall short of the mark. It’s important to implement simple steps for making a good impact on SERP visibility.

3. Hosting Services

If your website starts performing slower than usual, looking for a good web hosting service is appropriate. Websites having open source content management systems like WordPress or Silverstripe then several hosting companies looking to spend for hosting your website. Some are great, and some are bad.

We don’t prefer the idea of having a proprietary content management system on any platform especially Wix.  If you go for third party integrations or outgrow them would definitely lead to restart again.  Since Word Press is not the only available e-commerce web development platform, we’ve encountered many business owners asking about its credibility and usefulness for everyone instead of bloggers.  Techcrunch use Word Press and Mashable have used Word Press – both are much bigger than yours.

Whenever a website is getting developed using Wix, there’s no place to go – they have hosting facility and you can’t look anywhere, which brings us to the next point.

4. Data Migration

If you get lucky with the website performing good well and you require adding features that aren’t supported, or need a major update.  Essentially you’ve outgrown your website. To tell you more, this kind of things would cause real-trouble especially in content moving part. Only Word Press based websites offer the facility of changing theme while content is still present.  Your website appearance change without having a requirement to enter the content. There is a lot of work to be done while switching theme since they all work differently, having different image sizes in every slot, while keeping all your content.

Those thinking to outgrow Wix, must hire a full web development agency outside your budget right with a remembrance potentially costing future costs.

5. Pricing Brackets

Wix is quite attractive startup platform with base offering are free.  It’s a good sales technique for attracting customers.  Mailchimp utilizes same approach without allowing access to automated email sequences in their base offering –crucial part of email marketing. But free plans have Wix branding on your website, and small icon getting displayed in the browser bar will be a Wix logo. Also Google Analytics tracking is not available until you have a premium plan.

Premium plans begin from $4 per month that’s not expensive by any means, and might go up to $24 per month. Whenever you initiate functionality addition, Wix has an ‘app store’ for letting you choose desired apps starting from a ‘freemium’ with more functionality offered at a head back to that website brief and factor in what you want into your costs.

High-end costs for using Wix has been hidden for everyone as the cost of building websites by less aware people, therefore it doesn’t rank in SERP’s, or doesn’t function well.  This part of lacking functionality is probably costing your business.

We analyze this loss of business to a garage owner having a cheap website built 10-15 years back.  It couldn’t be found also.  If you imagine building a website in Wix (like similar elements from competitor website) without having a knowledge about crucial elements of search engine visibility.


It’s possible to create a good revenue generating website using the Wix platform. The biggest problem with Wix is it makes website building look easy and continually thinking that it’s great along with giving a perception to lot of people when that’s far from the truth. Websites are different from brochures and must be treated in similar manner. Bringing revenue from a website, requires robust online presence, connecting the dots, and invest time and money to get it right. If you require having experts help with your website brief, or want an analysis of online presence, get in touch today.