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7 Company Profile Page Examples You Can Learn From


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Posted on: Friday November 1, 2019

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Nowadays everyone has got some sort of online profiles.

On LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram…

The availability of sample templates have made it easy for professionals to create winsome presence and grab users’ attention on World Wide Web. However, having professional company profile on your website can be a tough call.  It’s evident that most company profiles are more insipid than magnificent.

Company’s prefer to go for professional more than artistry and in turn, they get is word filled documents, filled with lines of jargon that’s not read by anyone ever, let alone understand.

What is a Company Profile?

In simple words, a company’s profile is a professional way of introduction aiming to inform prospective buyers and stakeholders about your products, services, and financial status — but that doesn’t mean you should settle for something mundane.

Here we’ve enlisted 10 examples to help you design a company profile that wouldn’t let your visitors hit the back button immediately.

[Note: Searching examples to share wasn’t easy. We don’t claim it like a great discovery while writing, however, it emphasize on how a well-thought-out company profile page provide an opportunity for your company to differentiate itself. So, let’s notes and get to start planning yours!]

1. Google: Short is Sweet

A company as renown as Google, nothing much is left to say about yourself that haven’t been said before?

Dissimilar from many company profiles that keeps on dragging, Google has highlighted its delineate events in separate paragraphs. It can look easy, but considering the total number of projects or acquisitions done by Google, it’s tough to put all that in one page.

Google has linked a page with detailed history of the company from 1998 to 2014, but without any intention to bore visitors with loads of information.

2. Heineken: Go Beyond Your Product

If you want to let your brand stand apart from its competitors, then must take a look on page from Heineken playbook.  It lets one to connect with them beyond product — exhibit more human size of your brand.

Heineken’s company profile is focused on 4 key factors demonstrating uniqueness, global reach, passionate and diverse team. The page consists of Heineken’s company values, current stock prices, annual reports and Twitter feed taking readers beyond just a beer.

3. Philips: Entice Visuals

Probably “most visually striking” company profile that’s a step away from traditional corporate-style with big, vibrant photos everywhere.  Since first sight on images and copy, you will immediately get to know that Philips is not just a consumer electronics seller but lot more than it

Another noticing feature is constant updating of page including highlights for last financial quater, making it dynamic.  Most of company profile pages are static & updated once in a while, whereas Philips upgrade its page 4 times every year.

4. Starbucks: Share Inspiration

Starbucks may not have invested much into page on visual basis, but as you go through content, it’s certainly high on creativity. There’s a section “Folklore” having some really mind-catchy information about the company; how they named it or logo design inspiration from Greek mythology.

May be your origin story is not as colorful, but if it’s there, share it. Sometimes these details make your brand more memorable and well-remembered in audiences mind. 

5. Western Digital: Personal Touch Suffice

Western Digitals’ company profile page is designed with a distinct approach by sharing a brief letter from a CEO about its company.

The noticing part here is accomplishment of things done in competitor profiles (brief history, what company does & who are the customers), but presented like a personal note from leadership hereby adding a human touch. 

6. Avea: Use White Space

Avea Contracting have taken the approach to certainly new level. They have used minimalist design and white space to emphasize accomplishments on company profile.

In a smart move, the multi-business group has mentioned every important point (from chairman’s message, company’s history to details about every owned business), giving both highlights and complete details, if you’d like to learn more. 

7. Rackspace: Show Off!

What if you can pat yourself & same time be humble also? Have Reviews? Great awards?  Influential customers/clients? A company profile is only place where it’s appropriate to brag about these things on your brand website.

Rackspace has not left any chance for telling readers that it’s “known as a leader” by listing number of its certifications and other acknowledgements.

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