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Mobile Application Development | 12 Min Read

8 Best Mobile App Development Tools In 2021

8 Best Mobile App Development Tools In 2021

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Posted on: Wednesday March 17, 2021

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It’s high time that businesses start seeking advanced solutions for mobile app development. Considering the fact that technology is taking over different aspects of our lives, connecting to your customers couldn’t be any better without it. People can hardly spend an hour without their phones. Certainly, they could be the best channels to find your way to them. Different types of mobile apps can eliminate the inconvenience of accessing your business website through phone screens. In fact, there are various other amazing app features that can be used to stay with your community 24/7. But we still got some questions for you (with their answers).


How far are you from a successful business app? Well, that depends on your preparation. You need to have an idea, make decisions regarding the apps working, get investors (or maybe be one). Believe us, the process matters. There are many things to cut off your to-do list before you cherish the success of your mobile app. No matter how great your app idea is, you will always find yourself stuck without a perfect tool. Therefore, we thought of listing down the best tools to use for mobile app development in Dubai.


Best Tools For Mobile App Development This Year 


1. PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) 




PhoneGap’s open-source framework excellently supports cross-platform app development. It is one of the best tools to develop interactive mobile applications with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Apps that do not require intensive use of device functionality are best managed through PhoneGap.


You don’t have to write codes separately for different platforms or in different languages. It offers access to the Cordova plugin library and SDK support which lets developers integrate more features like file transfer, push notifications and add native components directly without codes. You can easily develop a single application that works equally well on multiple platforms.


2. Xamarin 




Xamarin is another great tool for cross-platform app development that will help you pave your way through the sea of confusing processes. It makes things better by reusing around 70% of business logic and accessing data across platforms.


Xamarin is commonly used for developing apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. It is a great aid for building apps that are relatively simple. This tool uses C# language and runs on the .NET framework, allowing mobile device communication through APIs. You can always look up to it for deep linking and less errors.


3. Appcelerator  




Appcelerator allows building both native and hybrid apps. Since it reduces the number of programming lines involved, many developers really enjoy using it. It makes app development relatively easier. Appcelerator provides complete access to underlying mobile operating systems because of its open-standards. It comes with higher cloud capacity limits and multi-region global deployments.


4. ReactNative  




ReactNative was introduced by Facebook in 2015 and soon turned out as one of the best cross-platform app development tools among top mobile app development companies in UAE. This open-source platform allows building native app development using JavaScript. ReactNative allows code reusability, which means the same code can be used for Android and iOS app development.


A lot of time and cost involved in development is saved with this feature which makes the tool desirable. Live reloading is another one of its best features that immediately reflects the changes you may have made to the app. It supports third-party plugins and comes with a simple UI.


5. Ionic  




One of the leading tools for hybrid mobile app development, Ionic, was launched in 2013 to assist developers with various aspects of development for different projects. Based on CSS language, this tool helps to come up with applications that can easily run on multiple operating systems.


It comes with a huge library of JS CSS components and mobile-optimized HTML. Also, it can be integrated with Angular JS. It follows native app UI guidelines and uses native SDKs. Its Intuitive command-line interface offers high code reusability and allows building and testing apps across multiple platforms.


6. Sencha  




Sencha is a reliable app development tool that would let you come up with quick and robust cross-platform apps. It is based on online MVC and uses JavaScript. This tool works through your fingerprints instead of keys which makes it different from others. It comes up with highly responsive apps that satisfy the customers.


Sencha is currently supported on WebKit browsers like Apple iOS and Google Android platform. It also allows scaling to different resolutions to make the applications compatible with different devices. It is perfect support for your mobile app development company in UAE.


7. Qt 




Qt allows multiple developers to share projects across different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, with its team-based environments and a unified debugging tool. While it’s based on C++, it allows more control over projects. There are various other features that it offers like SQL database access, JSON and XML parsing etc. It also supports IPv6, dual-mode networks, and opaque private keys. Its simplicity and convenience make it desirable among developers.


8. NativeScript




NativeScript is an open-source framework that lets you create native apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript., TypeScript, Vue.js, or Angular. It provides you access to various available libraries and direct access to native APIs with a good set of components and a simple interface that makes the work easier. You may face problems with this framework due to insufficient documentation and a lack of examples of available frameworks.


Summing Up  


Having the right support by your side will help you seek better mobile apps. Considering your requirements, you can always lookout for the best application development services around you. Moreover, this list of best app development tools will surely let you make rational decisions regarding your business app. Moving ahead with the right information will keep you from getting lost.