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Mobile Application Development | 12 Min Read

A Complete Guide To Understanding Mobile App Development Cost In UAE

A Complete Guide To Understanding Mobile App Development Cost In UAE

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Posted on: Saturday June 5, 2021

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When we start talking about businesses growing in today’s world, we often look at the ease of access from the customers’ point of view. We all can agree upon one fundamental fact about easy access: the business’ online presence over mobile phones and smart devices because that is where the world is. With potential clients having several mobile applications on their phones, it is essential that you make a space for your business in that region. While deciding to get your businesses on phones, the initial thought is how much is a decent investment, both in terms of cost and time. A mobile application being the face of your business, you would want to get hold of the best features in there, unique themes and graphics, more enticing and engaging content, and whatnot to create that long-lasting first impression on your customers. Therefore, your investments are bound to be high and must be thoughtful. With several things in mobile application development, you need to understand how the cost of any mobile application is decided in general.


So an app development price division comes down to:-


A Complete Guide To Understanding Mobile App Development Cost


(1) App functionality and purpose – 


This part is a major deciding factor of your application price as it will define the application’s industry, market, type, platforms, and most significant aspects.


(2) Mobile platforms and devices support – 


Whether your application is functional only on Apple or iOS devices or will it be supported on Android phones as well, if yes, what versions of these platforms will the app work on? are a few critical questions that need to be answered before a price tag could be put on the mobile application.


(3) Integration points – 


If you plan on creating a complex application, you will have to consider that your app may require integration with third-party applications. These integrations are going to cost you and add on to the price you will finally decide.


(4) Use of visible objects – 


Graphics, sliders, headers, motions on the applications play a crucial role in deciding the price of the application.


(5) Use of smartphone hardware features – 


If your app needs to use smartphone features like GPS navigation, motion co-processor, NFC technology, Augment Reality tech, etc., you must be prepared to invest a little extra.


(6) Maintenance plan – 


After your app is built, it is time to maintain its proper functionality and consistent updates as and when needed. This maintenance cost is usually low compared to the development cost but will incur your total app price.


We get an idea that we cannot determine the exact costing of any mobile application as much as we wish to put a labeled price tag on a specific mobile application. We can estimate a rough price range wherein we can be a little flexible regarding investment and plan things accordingly.


Fortunately, there are some standard benchmarks for pricing an app development project for different app types, which can be determined by market analysis. We have deduced these app development costs based on the considerations of several app development rates in UAE and by the price range estimates for customer projects analysis. Here is an idea about the typical price ranges:


(a) On average, for a minor app development project price, the android app prices range between AED 20,000 – 25,000, i.e., USD 5500 – 7000. The average cost to construct an app is expected to be passing this sum over time as the app expands.


(b) A semi-complex multi-feature mobile app may cost you around AED 25,000 – 40,000, i.e., around USD 7000 – 11000.


(c) For enterprise-level or fully-functional complex mobile app development, the usual expense is AED 50,000, i.e., about USD 14000.


These cost estimates are roughly for the development of the application, excluding the third-party integrations and maintenance costs. For each third-party integration, the mobile app development company in Dubai will charge you according to the cost of that integration. Apart from this maintenance cost varies from company to company and application to application. Here are few deciding points on how you can evaluate an app maintenance cost.


App Maintenance Cost


Since mobile applications operate digitally, there is always a maintenance cost factor in the price structure. The typical cost is roughly 15-20% of its initial development cost for maintaining software. A mobile app development company in UAE usually breaks down the maintaining cost into hosting, marketing, updates, monitoring, engagement, and licenses. Here is what these terms indicate and how you can decide on these.




For any application to function appropriately, there has to be a proper backend integration which includes data hosting. The type of data your app demands to store decides your backend data hosting price. An application full of media inclusive of videos, graphics, or audio apart from the text will desire high-end processing units or web-server along with higher RAM and disk capacity. The preeminent web hosting solutions are Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud. Your price will be based on your choice.




Mobile app monitoring is imperative for its progress. To verify an app’s execution, you can use several mobile analytics platforms. Due to the unique audience and a tremendously unsteady number of users for each app, there is no clear way to deduce this price. However, monitoring is an essential aspect of the app maintenance cost.


App Updates


Every application is bound to become outdated and stale after a while and needs an update, irrespective of its platform. It is clearly a feedback and engagement analysis-based process; you analyze your users’ activity on your app, their feedbacks and reviews, their demands, and update your application accordingly. Updating costs you because you will add features, make alterations to existing ones, and demand better hosting solutions. The possibilities are infinite, and hence an accurate price to this designates how much you wish to update.




It is almost impossible to give away the exact cost of mobile application development in the UAE or anywhere globally, irrespective of the platform being used due to the inclusion of several factors in the price estimation. These factors, as stated above, are entirely derived by the type of application, the features involved, the complexity, hosting, and maintenance costs, apart from the basic registration fee. While deciding to jump to launch an application, be clear on what you are looking for, and it should incline with your user’s expectations and surpass your competitors. Use this guide to understand the various aspects of mobile app development cost in UAE or any other region, and ensure that your investments are made right from the start.