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Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth It In 2019?

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Posted on: Tuesday June 18, 2019

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Most SEO professionals feel triumphant after creating numerous backlinks to their money website, ready to ignore the fact that relying on PBNs means the devil lurking above their head. And this devil is more dangerous than the actual devil.

It’s the Devil that goes by the name of Google.

Once your website lands in trouble with Google, it can de-index your websites or impose a manual penalty. It doesn’t matter if you spent years learning how to build the perfect PBN. All Google has to do is change their algorithm and reduce the dominance of backlinks as a ranking factor.

So the answer to ‘Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth It In 2019?’ is, in our expert opinion, NO.

Let’s see some factors that have defined this conclusion.

PBNs are time consuming: 

Private Blogging networks means purchasing expired domains, relevant to your content. In the process, first of all you will have to spend hours on a relevant, expired domain site. While at it, you have to compare domain authority, trust flow, and spamdexing.

After that you need to buy an SSL for your website. Then create a website on a website managed hosting platform. Then you can finally move on to adding new content, which will be followed by adding contextual links back to your main website. This is the entire work flow for single backlink.

Added to this is the fact that you need to create a post on each of your PBN’s, every time you publish new content to your main website, you will need. This will create another link back to your main website. Some people try to reduce effort with content spin tools, but that rarely works, as these tools generally produce poor quality content. Poor use of language, in fact, actually draws the attention of search engines to your content, and eventually, towards your breach of their terms of service.

PBNs are expensive:

If time consuming wasn’t enough, PBNs incur heavy financial stress on a website maintenance cost too. The development and maintenance of a network are very high, whether you use auctions, or purchase from domain vendors. The more PBNs you maintain, the more the costs will add up.

After securing each new domain, you have to pay for private WHOIS, get site hosting, and add content.

Holistic approach:

Knowing how to manipulate a search engine can only get you so far.

SEO isn’t about ducking and dodging regulatory norms. Rather, it is about creating content that is worth high SERP ranking.

So it doesn’t matter if you have spent years learning how to build the perfect PBN. Google can make all of your PBN building skills obsolete overnight. All it has to do is change their algorithm and reduce the dominance of backlinks as a ranking factor.

Unstable foundation of PBNs:

An SEO company in Dubai relying on PBNs always runs the risk of A) its sites getting de-indexed and B) its site landing a manual penalty

As soon as that happens, all your time, effort and money will be washed away.

Then you realize, you could have invested all that time and money into more sustainable practices. The results might have been slower, but they would be permanent and everlasting.

What to do instead?

Focus on building strong, evergreen SEO skills such as learning to create quality, original content that will itself become highly coveted by other digital marketing professionals. You can learn how to improve user experience (so you drive more sales for your business), or even learn to build relationships (that will accelerate your business’s growth). These are sustainable SEO practices that will bring high SERP rankings for your website in a clean, legitimate manner.