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Artificial Intelligence: Future of Web Design and Development


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Posted on: Saturday August 17, 2019

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With its evolution, internet technology is now accessible on various platforms like mobile phone, smart homes, IoT devices etc…which earlier was restricted to either desktop or laptops only. This resulted in constant development of web designing by the incorporation of typography, audio-video, gif, and several more components.

The development of the website required knowledge of core technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS since coding was manually done for every page, also the development of big websites was an impossible task since you require to update every page of the website if a single change (i.e. navigation or URL structure) is required to be done.  With the arrival of CSS, jQuery, now it’s possible implementing changes anywhere on the website by just changing it on the single point followed by drag and drop functionality. The latest edition in the development scenario is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If you’ve ever seen any website using AI then it’s possible to have the slightest idea about the same, but if you don’t agree, then it’s better to go through some of the best websites using artificial intelligence since a huge number of websites in future will be getting powered by it.

What is Artificial Intelligence & how it can be useful in web designing?

As clear from the name itself, artificial intelligence or AI is focused on creating intelligent machines for better working than humans. Primary objectives of AI include the capability of solving-problems, logical reasoning, knowledge representation, natural language understanding, manipulation and motion, perception, creativity, social and general intelligence. Major tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Boston Dynamics and Adobe have been doing huge research in this field.

There’s been a major impact of AI on major aspects of web development services; designing, image creation, content development, search engine factors, etc that is automated with the help of AI. Now we will further discuss this futuristic concept for getting a complete idea of AI and how it’s expected to transform the web design and development processes massively. 

  • Redefining codes through self-learning algorithms: Tasks like addition/updating of the database, and identification of code snippets are some areas which can be improved by artificial intelligence.  The predictions can be used by web developers to find perfect solutions which in turn can be used to develop coding’s from scratch after essential modifications without any manual interference. It also helps developers to build smarter application and bots that are faster from human-induced codes. However, machines will also require a good data-set along with intelligence designs to further improvise the results.
  • Improved web designs: Not all the web developers have a good hand in web designing and vice-versa. Here artificial intelligence can be really helpful for designing the basic layouts and templates for various web pages through a number of AI tools: like a virtual assistant to simplify entire designing and development process in combination of brand, designs, layout, and content that’s suitable from an end-user perspective. It also includes a necessary aspect of designing like photo editing, trimming and image recognition which in-turn helps in the creation of various image elements by analyzing, understanding and learning neighbor pixels.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Another key aspect in web designing is search engine optimization (SEO) that’s helpful for maintaining the balance of current condition and expectation of a website. The process of website analysis is performed via a number of analysis tools capable of processing accurate website data as per the human capability of interpretation. It’s also helpful to maximize the utility of website metadata as well as user metadata. These predictive engines are also useful in checking irregularities of website architecture with content SEO feasibility for targeting desired audiences.
  • Data gathering & analysis: For a complete understanding of user-friendly website perspective, it’s required to have their opinion but how will you get it? By using AI, one can collect the data of client requirements without human involvement. It will be done by “voice assistant” that’s an AI-powered chat-bot hereby giving a detailed view of gathered data for taking your web design and development strategies ahead. Tools like machine learning, image recognition, algorithms, and artificial vision are used in this process.
  • Enhancing user experience: For improvised customer interaction and call center services, AI can be really helpful by taking it to the next level. Initially, the simple chatbot will only respond to a set of predefined commands. However, as it starts learning from every conversation then you will see real-time chats with the proper response which is helpful in routine tasks, providing required information and take necessary actions.

Uses of AI in Web Development
Since there are huge possibilities in AI Technology, leading tech giants have already started implementing it in web designing, app development, web development and sometimes user experiences also. Few examples are Google: Image Search & Rank Brain Algorithm, Amazon, Netflix, The Grid, Firedrop, WixADI & WordPress Plugins.

Limitations of AI
Despite having such huge possibilities still, there’s a long way to go for AI to get in the mainstream of web development. Several AI-based web development platforms have been launched, still, there is much to be done for providing human touch and feel. However, the rate of innovations taking place with AI let us assume that one day it may be able to provide perfect websites. In such cases, we should be keeping our fingers crossed and watch the progress.

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