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E-commerce Website Design | 12 Min Read

Best Ecommerce Website Designs In 2021

Best E-commerce Website Designs in 2021

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Posted on: Saturday September 5, 2020

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Written by: Jayshri Gupta

The business landscape is continuously getting evolved with the inclusion of digital mediums. Similar to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the e-commerce business requires a carefully crafted design to attract buyers.


To be precise only motion effects and sleek graphics will not do. Suppose you carefully observe some of the leading global e-commerce websites. In that case, you’ll find that your web design requires following UI/UX principles for creating a seamless shopping experience that’s without any hesitation in completing the final checkout.


Apart pull-down the bounce rates, the website must demonstrate the brands’ value through a visually compelling style. A professionally designed e-commerce website provides a clear idea about the host business and increases the possibility of buying more. A functionally, more robust web design must develop an emotional connection between the owner and buyers.


With a complete understanding of the concern of how to connect more with potential customers, we’ve enlisted some critical factors from the best e-commerce web designs trends adopted by every ecommerce development company in Dubai to let you learn and get inspiration.


We want to mention that all the studied websites are highly engaging and equipped with a UX-friendly design to capture visitors’ attention and make more purchases.


So let’s begin with the learning procedure for ecommerce website development in Dubai:-


Artificial Intelligence 


Industry experts predicted that the coming years would belong to Artificial Intelligence (AI). All those thinking about the next step might find it fascinating that UI/UX design is going towards the elimination of traditional homepage for efficient landing pages that are filled with context and use cases.


It would help developers, designers, and webmasters gather necessary user details like location and browsing history to analyze the user’s interest and what they are looking for.


For example, Streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime recommend movies or TV shows based on watching history.


Since we are in the age of high-personalization and the ultimate goal is keeping its users intact on the page/website for longer times.


Virtual Chat Box


Another advancement factor that’s evident now and afterward is a virtual chat-box that’s an apt choice for resolving queries and managing basic questions.


Experts pretended that web designs would be incorporating Chat box’s worth $1.30 billion by 2025. This advancement of Chat box will appear similar to Facebook messengers.


VUI’s technological future is optimal so that Chat box will have its share of importance on the site. In upcoming times, many organizations will be offered by many organizations to gain the capability to manage every incoming query.


Mobile-Friendly Interface


The most significant advantage of having a responsive interface has a reach to wider audiences. Utterly responsive web pages ensure that online sharing remains comfortable, and your visitors get to share it on social platforms.


Another counting factor is Google’s ranking preference for mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-friendly web design will rank high in SERP’s. So don’t waste this opportunity? The more the search results are organic, the higher is the probability of getting leads and conversions – quite simple.


Amplify SEO & Content


Stay focused on SEO i.e., reach potential customers. Create high-quality yet relevant content that includes elemental tags and elements, including schema, to achieve desired results.


It’s imperative to make the website texts more informal since users have started disliking standard phrases. Also, many companies’ communication style has been changing drastically to make it less formalized and more similar to regular conversations. Adding some humor would be useful but don’t forget the limits and be aware of the target audiences you are communicating.




Videos are becoming an absolute game changer and primitive marketing element in recent times. Any business cannot afford to ignore this crucial aspect of building their brand in 2020 and beyond. A current survey states, 75% of video content make a positive impact on users. So whenever it’s about building a web design layout, the designer must emphasize video content rather than other content formats.


Voice Search Capability


The massive success of Google Home & Amazon Alexa is an excellent example of the ever-rising popularity of voice search features amongst users. Last year, Spotify introduced voice-capable interfaces in their apps. Now Google Search is backed by a voice-search interface that’s becoming immensely popular amongst users. Moreover, analytic tools and webmasters are also developing the efficiency of tracking voice-search results. It’s a matter of time when voice-search will become the primary input/control feature for the masses.


Dark Mode


It is considered as the most aspiring trend for 2021. Moreover, leading brands such as Instagram, Apple, and Android are already applying it in an alternative theme in their products. Essential factors behind the popularity of dark mode are ultra-modern looks, accessible highlights and popping of other design elements, less strain on eyes, and, most importantly, saves phone battery. Also, applications provide the facility to activate the dark mode as per requirement.


Immersive 3D Elements


Being a fascinating element for the past few years, recognition of this trend will increase in 2021 due to the increasing momentum of VR technologies. It makes it a perfect idea to mix these techniques for creating absolutely-real 3D visuals for conquering the whole users’ screen.


Another advantage of this trend is prettifying websites to encourage potential customers to spend more time multiplying the average session duration. These visuals attract as they surpass the boundaries between virtual space and real life.


But remember that implementation can be fruitful for high-performance website UI only. A slow-loading and lesser optimized platform will not work smoothly due to such heavy content. It might also lead to low response time, users lags, and so on.


Unexpected Color Combinations


2021 designing will get more inclined towards bright and bold colors as they do not mix well yet harmonize and capture the vision users’ attention because of uniqueness. It is more likely to work due to more numbers of minimalistic websites having limited color combinations. For the proper implementation of this trend, you shouldn’t be skeptical about trying new things. For example, neon glowing shades and intense color combinations.


Final Thoughts


As mentioned above, web design in 2021 will see a perfect blend of traditional and new ideas. To achieve success in building a unique yet engaging user interface, we need to try and test methodology.


At Pro Web, our belief is set on helping the companies to achieve their goals. One of the primitive factors, why we do not overdose any website with many trends, complicates usability. We are trusted Shopify partners in UAE having the expertise of building highly-functional e-commerce stores for 8+ years now!


If you are searching for a UI/UX design agency capable of coping up with your specific requirements, then hire expert designers from Pro Web who would be more than happy to help you. Visit our website to get a free quote and convert your ideas into reality.

Written by: Jayshri Gupta

Jayshri Gupta is a Digital Content Writer at Pro Web. With an engineering and analytical background, she is highly dedicated to learn new technologies and write about them. She has a 2 year experience in content writing inclusive of varied fields including Press Releases, Articles, News Pieces, and Blogs.