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Mobile Application Development | 9 Min Read

Biggest Challenges In Mobile App Development

Biggest Challenges in Mobile App Development

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Posted on: Thursday May 27, 2021

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Mobile applications have encouraged a world in the smallest device and have helped businesses grow to an extent unimaginable. Statistically, in the past year, with COVID in effect, both Apple and Android app stores saw a considerable rise in application submission and user registration.


Even before the industry flourished to this extent, The Mobile App business was among the most preferred and growing start-ups in 2016. About 47% of the global start-ups produced mobile apps for their company within the initial two years of operation. We also found out that mobile app development in UAE has grown by an exponential rate. This data is not surprising because when you look at your surroundings, you will realize from groceries to clothes, footwear to furniture, cosmetics to electronics, everything is just a tap away. This growing habit and addiction of people raised the bars for businesses very high. Also, they forced them to give in to the solutions that promote customer convenience, and the topmost is having a mobile application to interact with them.


However, it is not that easy to get a mobile application without any hassles; you have to overcome hurdles within the process. From idea formation to problem statement definition to the ultimate development, there are enough troubles at each stage. Here are a few problems we identified that are common to most of the mobile applications we built to date.


Biggest Challenge


(1) Development Approach


Here, there are two essential things to consider—one, which type of mobile application you wish to get. Second, the user-friendliness of the application. Discussing the former concern, you have to contemplate the nature of your company and future scenarios to decide whether to go for hybrid application, native development, or just web-based mobile app development. After you have realized the next step, you require to strategize UI & UX demands. A fitting beginning can take you on the correct path.


The application’s user-friendliness is to be considered at each step of development, starting from the interface. The application should easily communicate its functionality, usability and help them get to your service.


(2) Device Compatibility and Screen Size


The first impression speaks a lot about your business and is capable of building or destroying your company. With the well-fit screen ratios, good UI/UX, interactive graphics, relevant content, you can create that image right. Don’t forget; your business is still the primary aspect, which means you must never give away on branding, profits, and essential elements.


Device compatibility and screen size define your customers indirectly. When you ponder upon device compatibility, you need to identify which kind of product or service you are selling and where your customers are. If, after market research, you find that your product appeals to the user-base who is focused within the Apple users then, go for an iOS application, else go for an Android application. However, you can also go for both. The essential aspect is deciding this part even before the development begins. This decision will affect a considerable amount of your development process and cost.


(3) Marketing And Advertisement-Visibility


As we already know, several applications have been created in just the past year; it is essential to know that not all the applications are a success. Very few find themselves in a condition wherein they could succeed and make a considerable profit. Your applications’ success depends on how well users react to it. The more significant part is, are the users even noticing that your application exists?


This stage is where marketing and advertisement come into the picture. A great marketing strategy is going to make or break your success path.


(4) Funding


Another usually sustained challenge for making an application is capital. It is essential to get hold of the monetary aspect of the business. Mobile application is not just a one-time investment; it will demand money and maintenance every now and then. The additional spend will be to make the app more visible to users and get it in the usable form by the user, i.e., getting it downloaded.


(5) Performance


Besides producing a successful app and implementing superior customer expertise, most app developers encounter a constant challenge to ensure their users’ global app experience. The hurdle includes a functioning application without wrecks or flaws and simultaneously uses as little memory in the device with the least battery consumption.


A good-performing app can present a good audience. Once you have traversed the difficulty of testing, you end up having an excellent application with amazing reviews and features.




The development of a mobile application is a tedious process, and there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that no application is developed without barriers or complications. However, suppose you have decided to proceed with a mobile application. In that case, you must absolutely go for a mobile application development company, which will help you understand all these hurdles and ensure a perfectly smooth development, testing, and launching process.