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Best Laundry Services In Dubai

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Date : September 07, 2020

Best Laundry Services In Dubai

Laundry has always been an exhausting process for everyone! It is essentially more important than we think it is. Neat and tidy laundry is a portrayal of professionalism, organization, cleanliness, and much more. It allows people to generate an affirmative sense of your personality traits. Researches depict that approximately 89% of Americans stress their dirty laundry.

Moreover, it has also been framed as the growing health concern amongst people due to laundry services shutting down due to pandemic or not following the precaution measures effectively. COVID continues to spread drastically. Clean laundry is among the very few ways you can avoid getting infected by bacteria and viruses. If proper security measures are deployed, your clothes can get rid of viruses and germs, including coronavirus, which is a great relaxation. Now, with work from home culture getting prominent every day, it is challenging to separate time for laundry, and dry cleaning is yet another tiresome task.

We must endure the circumstances and arrange solutions for our regular dry cleaning and laundry necessities. Competence and the laundry company’s turn-around time, along with their care for a healthy delivery, play as deciding factors while opting for laundry services near you. Here, we enlist the top 5 laundry services for your ease of access:-

1. Whites

Whites is a premium dry-cleaning and laundry service offering the best quality and adequate delicate treatment for your clothes. They are eco-friendly cleaners who focus on utilizing only safe and green cleaning products. With a keen focus on healthy precaution arrangements and germ-free cleaning, Whites assure that your clothes are separately washed and not mixed with others avoiding any mutual contact with any other customer. It ensures that you have your clothes secured from COVID risks. Moreover, their 24-hour turn-around time is one of the significant enticements apart from the door-to-door pick-up and delivery services according to your schedule. The hassle-free one-tap booking experience is another benefit of their laundry services, ranking them the editors’ first choice.

You can easily connect with them and get your bookings done through WhatsApp or call at +971 58 872 5980 for the best laundry services in Dubai Marina and on +971 55 285 1905 the Emaar Marina Walk area. The website is always the best option for online bookings.

2. Black and White Dry Cleaners

Black and White dry cleaners offer their laundry services in convenient and modern ways. The usage of eco-friendly products and on-premise cleaning is what makes them stand out. However, they do not offer pick-up and delivery services. They have their services in Motor City and Aud Maith. Their best-quality laundry services are driven by experts who treat your clothes with the utmost care and ensure no harmful chemical usage. There is no confirmed sanitization guarantee of the premises mentioned; nevertheless, they are esteemed by many, acquiring an average Google rating of 4.0 as per rankings by 32 customers. They are an optimal choice if you stay near any one of their neighborhoods and can visit and check their on-premise practices. You may either visit their website for prices or mail your concerns to get a priority response at

3. Atlas Laundry

Located in the Al Karama region in Dubai, the pH balancing mechanism for carpet cleaning makes them extra-ordinary at their cleaning services. Unlike many laundry services in Dubai, Atlas offers cleaning services for carpet, upholstery, and curtain cleaning. Depending on your order, they offer pick-up and delivery services at an extra charge or free. However, they are not as quick; they may take up to 48 hours to deliver your tidy laundry. You can rely on them in case of carpet shampooing services and special services. The website helps you to confirm the actual prices and place your order.

4. Modern Dry Cleaners

Modern dry cleaners offer pick-up and delivery of your clothes anywhere in Dubai and take up to 2 days to effectively process your laundry and deliver it to you. They are affordable, but they charge extra for express services. An additional 50% of the original order is added to the final amount if you wish to receive your clean laundry within 24 hours. They also possess a team of experienced dry cleaners who handle your clothes carefully and make the on-time deliveries right with clean packaging.

5. Champion Cleaners

Champion cleaners have both a mobile application and a website to extend you a hassle-free online booking experience from anywhere. They also provide free pick-up and delivery at a threshold shipment value. With bag and shoe cleaning fantastic testimonials, they have induced a notable transition in shoe laundry services. They are known for their quality packaging, good staff behavior, and persuasive shoe cleaning. You can communicate with them through their website and mobile app.