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Flutter: The Future Of Mobile App Development

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Date : September 21, 2021

Flutter: The Future Of Mobile App Development

Technology is transforming everyone’s lifestyle and has become today’s necessity. If we talk about the Middle East Region, Dubai, UAE, is on top of using the latest technologies. From digital payments, online shopping, education, healthcare, events booking, everything is possible through a few taps on your smartphone.

In this tech era, more businesses are using mobile apps to reach their clients or customers. As a result, Mobile App Development in Dubai is rising in the Middle East and North Africa region, making it a natural choice for start-ups to grow their business.

The high growth of start-ups to enterprise-level organizations in Dubai creates a high demand for app developers. 

To have a mobile app for your business, you need a good app idea with the best app developers in the market. But before that, you must have clear insights upon which platform is best for you – Flutter, React Native or Native.

Now, let us dive deeper into the possibility of Flutter being the future of Mobile App Development through these considerable arguments.

Flutter – The “GAME CHANGER” In the Mobile Application Market

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit which was released in 2017 for building apps based on native technology and smooth user interfaces for mobile, desktop and web through a single codebase. It is the best choice for start-ups, entrepreneurs and big-scale enterprises to develop an application with maximum features.

Flutter being open-source and used to develop cross-platform apps on iOS and Android helps it to etch out and be the ‘GAME CHANGER’.

Write One Approach

The developers have to write their code once for both operating systems, Android and IOS. Therefore, Flutter is a hybrid application development framework that reduces the daily effort from the user and developer end, leading to better on-time delivery, quality, and design.

Structured Code Writing and Application Testing

As one code is required for the various operating systems, thus it accelerates the development process. A developer can use different Plugins. To verify functionality and features, a single quality assurance process is sufficient.

Hot Restart

It allows the developers to view changes in the code within seconds which results in increased productivity of the developer.

Thus, it assists the user in bug fixing as well.

Minimal Cost of Development For The Start-up’s

As the developer works on a single code base for Android as well as IOS. It saves time by skipping the process of developing and testing separately. Moreover, Flutter’s compatibility with Firebase doesn’t require you to separate back-ends. All in all, Flutter will prove to be a great success and an excellent choice for your business.

Implementation Of Wizard

Flutter integrated apps provide a wide array of widgets, including navigation, scrolling, and fonts, customizable regardless of the screen size.

There is no denying that Flutter mobile apps provide a very smooth UI experience compared to another cross-platform framework.

Ease of Language

The dart-the programming language used by Flutter, which is based on the in-house language of Google. Dart is not only used for the mobile app development framework, but it is also widely accessible for developing web, server, and desktop apps. Additionally, C and C++ can also be used by Flutter.

Hence, it’s less expensive as you don’t have to spend extra on powerful machinery. That being said, anyone can start developing a Flutter app with help from the team effortlessly.

Ease of Set-up and Maintenance

It has massive potential for companies that work on different platforms with a quick turnaround and go-to-market aspects. In addition, it will save time, money and a lot of resources. So Flutter is the perfect choice for your business.

The Bottom Line:

The success of a mobile app hinges on its foundational idea, making the choice of app development agency crucial. Flutter's accessibility and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive platform for companies with budget constraints. The right agency can leverage Flutter's capabilities to propel app development and ensure its success.