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How To Add Whatsapp Button On Instagram Profile?

Posted By : Admin

Date : May 04, 2020

How To Add Whatsapp Button On Instagram Profile?

Are you a business owner? Do you have an Instagram business account? If yes, fantastic. If not, you are missing out on something imperative for your business today in 2022. The fact that more than 500 Million Instagram users are using the platform daily and 50% of them are following one business at the least only amplifies the importance of leveraging Instagram for your business.

Furthermore, with all social media giants diving aggressively deeper into the E-Commerce pool and people inclining on them acutely for their shopping and daily needs, a business entity must be omnipresent. On the bright side, driving customers from one domain to the other broadens the horizon and makes things more convenient for the business owner.

In this blog, we will pursue one such dynamic assemble, how can you drive your Instagram customers to Whatsapp by adding a Whatsapp button on your Instagram business profile?

Lately, Instagram has become extremely popular as a product promotion channel, thanks to influencer marketing campaigns that give users more profound insight into a product and brand. As a result, businesses invest enormously in advertising campaigns to make their company well known to the potential customer base interested in a particular line of product segment by bringing massive traffic to their business profile.

However, once this traffic lands on the profile, one must ensure that they can quickly contact you regarding purchase. This was only possible for them to do through directly messaging (DM) you. But ever since Facebook (now Meta) has decided to interconnect all its primary social media applications from the Meta Verse (Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram) to increase overall user experience, there is now more than one way through which your customers can contact you.

How connecting your Whatsapp with Instagram benefit your business in 2022?

As per statistics, Whatsapp is the most preferred messenger application today. With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide and the primary messenger application in South Asia, South Africa, and Great Britain, Whatsapp dominates the messaging app domain. Furthermore, it has the highest message opening rate, around 98%, and is highly intuitive.

Thus, one can reach potential customers easily anytime and anywhere with promotional messages, updates, surveys, feedback requests, and broadcast groups. Also, one will be able to leverage all the features of Whatsapp for their business’s advantage, like sending videos, voice messages, photos, documents, and locations directly from the application. You will be able to offer better customer satisfaction by addressing all assistance requests through a single platform.

Whatsapp also helps one organize their sales and support team by enabling them to extend the customer’s two-way communication, facilitating dialogue with the target audience.

Hence, when you channel your Instagram customers towards Whatsapp, you give them a better user experience and facilitation, which helps you build a rapport and boosts your business in the long run.

How to connect Whatsapp with your Instagram business profile?

There are varied ways to connect Whatsapp with your Instagram profile, such as:

(1) Insert the Whatsapp chat link on the Instagram profile

This option is available for verified Instagram business accounts having more than 10,000 followers. However, it doesn’t allow others to put a clickable link in stories. Instead, you need to put a click-to-chat WhatsApp link in a story and highlight it on your Instagram profile:

1. Prepare an image for Story Post using Photoshop, where the size of the image must be 1080×1920 pixels.

Prepare an image for Story Post using Photoshop

2. Upload the created design to the picture gallery of your cellphone.

3. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone and tap “Your Story” in the upper left infeed section.

Instagram app on your mobile phone

4. To create a new story post, tap on the image appearing at the bottom left and chose the library’s created image.

5. Just click on the chain icon. In the new window, type the WhatsApp link as “ Always remember that the digits in the last denominate the phone number in international format. It should not be written with zeros or “+” signs, brackets, or dashes.

process of adding web links in story

6. Now tap the “tick” button to upload the story. You can go to the story highlight to check whether it’s shown permanently in your profile.

story highlight in instagram

(2) Inserting the Whatsapp button on the Instagram bio

Below is the step to add the Whatsapp button, which would reflect on all Instagram profiles.

  1. Enter the Instagram profile page and click on “Edit profile”.
  2. Click on “Contact options”.
  3. In this section, you can enter your contact information, such as email, telephone number, address, and, recently, also WhatsApp.
  4. Click on “WhatsApp”.
  5. Here you must enter the number associated with WhatsApp, to which the verification code will be sent.
  6. Enter the verification code on the Instagram profile.

By now, the new WhatsApp button would appear, allowing all users visiting your Instagram to contact your company with a single click.

Note: If you want to make only the WhatsApp button appear, you will have to remove all other contact options (phone number and email).

(3) Creating Pop on the Ad/Post

  1. Under the profile settings, add your Whatsapp business number to the “contact options” on the Instagram business account.
  2. Choose an existing post on the Instagram business account that stirs your audience.
  3. Click the blue boost button, choose messages and select WhatsApp.
  4. Set the goal, audience, budget, and duration for the ad; it helps you reach your objective for the particular ad.
  5. Review your selections, preview the ad created and if all is well, tap on “create your ad.”
  6. Once approved, the ad will go live within 24 hours.



By bringing together your Instagram and Whatsapp, you increase follower engagement of your brand as you are enabling users to contact through their preferred channels, more like an extensive omnipresent marketing strategy.

Concluding thoughts



By driving your Instagram viewers and followers to connect with you on Whatsapp, you boost your business by giving your customers a touch of personalization. Furthermore, you can choose to streamline your messages and leverage Whatsapp’s automatic responses and other organizational tools.

Concluding thoughts