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Ways To Overcome Payments Issue In Shopify UAE Store?

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Date : November 18, 2019

Ways To Overcome Payments Issue In Shopify UAE Store?

Webstore is the backbone of the entire e-commerce business, and choosing the right platform for it is an important decision. As e-commerce has become popular, various enormous players have come to the forefront for facilitated stages. Woocommerce, Magneto, Big Commerce, and Shopify are some of the famous names we hear on numerous occasions about great E-commerce stores. However, while every business has its interesting contemplations Shopify plus reliably comes out as a top all-around decision.

Specifically, if speaking for the Middle East, if you type “E-commerce” into Google, you would be a couple of links away from Shopify in UAE. So the popularity of this platform is not surprising!

Shopify has emerged as a leading e-commerce solution these days! Not only for offering online marketing techniques but it is also rated the best e-commerce platform because of the usability, flexibility, and exceptional customer support that it offers.

Who is Shopify Ideal For?

Shopify is the ultimate website for E-commerce businesses that sell items or administrations that require minimal setup. It is extremely simple to sell single items or modest bunches of items on Shopify. Organizations that sell physical or digital products can both use Shopify. In the event that your store sells items with barely a few colors, materials, or sizes Shopify enterprise is a magnificent alternative for them. Regardless of whether you are selling a small bunch of items or a variety of them, Shopify is an incredible arrangement that offers numerous tools and themes.

Being an incredibly versatile platform, Shopify offers unique advantages for both newbie and experienced sellers –

(1) Rapid & Easy Set-up: Shopify is the most suitable platform if getting business quickly is your objective. Setting up this store doesn’t require specialized abilities as the UI is very user-friendly and instinctive, making it extremely simple to use.

(2) Mobile-Friendly: Keeping mobile responsiveness in mind, the Shopify store in UAE is designed in a way that aids users to easily manage the entire Shopify store from iOS or Android applications. Shopify’s website is extremely mobile-friendly and gives an impeccable experience regardless of the device used to access it.

(3) Exceptional Customer Support: Another wonderful advantage of opting for Shopify is the exceptional customer support that you will receive. Experts are available 24*7 to assist and answer the questions while setting up & running the store. When compared with other platforms, Shopify’s customer support is trustworthy & easily accessible.

(4) Security & Reliability: Security is essential for protecting company & client information. Shopify offers SSL affirmation and PCI to encrypt all information. With Shopify, you can guarantee the entirety of your personal & financial information is secured and safe.

(5) Flexibility: Another great advantage of this platform is its versatility. With numerous built-in tools, Shopify makes it easy to showcase the products, customize shipping options, & offer inventory control. It gives the ease to control the look & feel of the web store with free & customizable themes.

(6) Incredible Marketing and SEO Tools: In an E-commerce business, promotion & marketing is very important. Shopify gives access to plenty of marketing tools that make it worth choosing. Powerful SEO features that help boost website ranking are also the added advantages of choosing Shopify in the UAE.

(7) Integration Options: Shopify is actually an all-inclusive resource for maintaining your E-commerce business. While Shopify has its unique features what makes it really uncommon is its capacity to coordinate consistently with numerous different platforms & tools. With Shopify and Listing Mirror incorporation, you can sell more and work less by dealing with the entirety of your work processes in a single spot.

Shopify is undoubtedly an excellent E-commerce platform for business that looks forward to building a feature-rich online store. But having a beautiful E-commerce website doesn’t fulfill the objective of having an online store. A secure & seamless payment gateway is vital for the success of an e-commerce business.

How to set up your E-commerce store on Shopify in UAE?

Starting a Shopify store is easy, all you have to do is follow these steps: –

1. Select the right package.

2. Create the Shopify store by choosing a theme, addressing navigation, and other aspects of user experience.

3. Setup Payment Gateways

What are the different Shopify Plans available for businesses?

The various Shopify plans are as follows:

(i) Basic Shopify Plan

The basic plan costs USD 29/month inclusive of services like unlimited storage, listing for products, two admin accounts, a website, a blog, 24/7 complete support, SSL certificate, an abandoned cart recovery feature, up to 4 recovery stores, up to 4 retail stores, warehouses, pop-ups, gift card, and manual order creation perfect for new business.

(ii) Shopify Plan

Targeted specifically for growing businesses at USD 79/month. It offers all the features under the basic plan, in addition to 5 admin accounts, 5 inventory locations, and a comprehensive operations report.

(iii) Advanced Shopify Plan

In addition to all the necessary features that scale a growing business at the cost of USD 299/month, it offers 15 admin accounts, an advanced report builder, 8 inventory locations, and charges minimal transaction fees on using a third-party payment gateway.

(iv) Shopify Plus Plan

The ideal preference of large-scale businesses for managing much more than the regular Shopify is the Shopify Plus Plan. For example, Shopify Plus is able to handle 10,000 transactions per minute. Sounds amazing, right? It provides unlimited staff accounts too, with dedicated and more personalized help support, script editing, and analytics.

(v) Shopify Lite

Shopify has recently come up with a plan for merchants wishing to sell in person or add a buy button to their existing website. It offers reports for viewing, issuing gift cards, splitting bills, and many other features. However, one cannot build an online store with Shopify Lite. It costs USD 9/month and is available for 14 day free trial like all other plans of Shopify.

How to choose the best payment gateway?

Following are the attributes to watch out for in a payment gateway: –

(1) Security

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for the customers to trust the transaction pathway with their personal information, therefore securing transactions is the top priority of every business that enables online payment. Therefore, such a mode must comply with PCI – DSS standards (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard).

(2) Customer experience

The user experience of the pathway must be easy, quick, seamless, swift in processing and customizing payment. After all, it is the core part of customers’ shopping experience; hence it must be customer friendly rather than complicated.

(3) Choice of payment

Every payment gateway must allow customers to choose their mode of payment at their convenience among debit/credit card, net banking, mobile wallets, UPI, or other prevalent payment modes.

(4) Merchant onboarding

The gateway providing smooth and swift merchant onboarding is vital, and the option processing and setup fees and rates should be affordable for every merchant.

(5) Acceptance of worldwide currency

Interconnectivity now runs deep, thanks to the internet; therefore, the gateway you choose must support multi-currency transactions.

Which Payment Gateway is best in UAE?

This blog will analyze each payment gateway operating in the Middle east and determine which payment gateway is the best in UAE. Since not all payment gateways are supported in the UAE, knowing which solutions are available and suitable for a specific business is a must.

  • Telr –

Telr is one of the most notable payment gateways in the UAE. Being accepted in more than 100 nations, it has gained wide popularity mainly because of the multiple payment methods that it offers.

It comes with three payment levels: Entry, Small and Medium, which are incredible for new companies, SMEs, and web-based business organizations in the developing business sector.

  • Payfort –

The second popular payment gateway in UAE is Payfort. Accepting & continuing multiple online payments in a single time with exceptional security is the greatest advantage of using Payfort. This gateway is custom-fitted to Arab market trends & purchase styles, thus it stands apart as the perfect payment solution for the E-commerce store.

  • Checkout –

2checkout is the main global payment solution provider for E-commerce businesses. Accepting payments globally and functioning in more than 200 countries and facilitating 80+ currencies, is the choice of many businesses due to its easy integration facilities. Another advantage is that it does not have any monthly or setup fees and offers 5 installment strategies in particular VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Mada, and American Express.

  • Myfatoorah –

Myfatoorah is a new and innovative online payment solution enabling businesses to hold paperless, secure & personalized transactions. With easy-to-use software, it has been designed to put power at your fingertips.

Its smart technology & seamless integration makes it extremely simple to create an invoice, collect payments, track sale and keep records. 24*7 customer support is another added advantage to enjoying uninterrupted, full-functionality & non-stop services.

  • Tap –

Supporting over 1000 businesses and major corporations, Tap has emerged as an extremely efficient payment gateway. Tap developed different items to fill the holes of the payment industry in the region with its strong APIs enabling new companies, SMEs, and global associations to perform monetary installments and transactional services utilizing the web upheld by interface items worked to upgrade merchant user experience.

  • Tabby –

Tabby, buy now or pay later is a trending payment gateway enabling shoppers to make instant & interest-free installments while making purchases. Being one of a kind, it paves the way for new credit solutions & offers payments options that perfectly suit with fast & convenient omnichannel experience.

All you have to provide is the basic identity information and the tabby merchant will pay the charges after the purchase is done. It is a safe, secure, and convenient service that is currently only available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  • Paytabs –

PayTabs is the best, most secure, and seamless e-commerce global payment gateway enabling you to perform quick transactions. Supporting 168 different currencies, Paytabs is secured with the PCI DSS certification and anti-fraud protection. This innovative payment gateway solution offers a better checkout flow & is perfectly designed with the features to enable your business to tread on a growth path.

The biggest perk that PayTabs is offering to all online traders and retailers is quick integration and the immediate exchange of payments to their bank accounts with double-layered security assurance through incorporation with a leading fraud management company.

  • CCAvenue –

CCAvenue is one of the oldest payment gateway enabling customers/merchants to carry out payments in an extremely easy manner. Being the powerhouse in the online payment gateway space, it offers thousands of merchants real-time, multi-currency, multiple payment options online payment processing services.

The solution is powered by proprietary technology that integrates transaction-processing, advance shopping cart, auction payment collection facility, fraud control, financial reporting, and order tracking. It provides a quick & simple checkout experience with the convenience of making transactions in the currency you know the best.


Growing a business is energizing! Seeing deals come pouring in is a dose of energy that causes you to flourish when circumstances become difficult. With numerous payment gateways present, it is tough to select the best, instead, pick the payment gateway based on your customer’s preferred choice & depending on your budget. Getting in touch with the best Shopify development company in UAE assists greatly in making an informed decision.

Concluding thoughts

Though payment gateways are complex and opaque, it is a must to seek help from Shopify experts & do a bit of research to pick the best payment gateway option before setting up your first online store.