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E-commerce Website Design | 6 Min Read

Conversion Booster Tips For Ecommerce Web Design & Businesses In Dubai


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Posted on: Wednesday September 4, 2019

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The growth of ecommerce market in UAE has been “fastest” among GCC countries which is also a primitive reason for making it “largest” too. The ecommerce sector in the UAE has shown huge growth potential as the economy of region expand exponentially. Another factor is digital inclination of generations now which produce significant opportunities for ecommerce brands offering both convenience and quality assurance in competitive prices.

Those looking to start ecommerce business in Dubai can have fair chances to increase their revenues, if able to identify, target and convert online shopping enthusiasts having interest in their products. Both new-comers and experienced in ecommerce business domain have curiosity for getting more leads, conversions and sales which itself is a challenging task. But you don’t need to worry as we’re about to discuss some fanatic tips for increasing traffic and generating more sales on your ecommerce website.

ChatBots: Customer satisfaction is foremost for any business to succeed; consumers wants the “best” every time. Busy schedules have made them impatient; require prompt replies that too accurate. Therefore, it’s necessary for ecommerce businesses to entertain them on 24/7 basis to increase mutual trust. The challenge of being available for all kind of requests and queries can be solved by using AI-powered chatbots.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence has opened new verticals for development in technological sector basically web designing. Several web designing companies have successfully integrated AI powered chatbots for providing prompt answers to endless queries without any break. These chatbots are multilingual and easily catch sentence context and revert politely. Inclusion of AI enabled chatbots on your ecommerce website can be a helpful aid for gaining customer satisfaction, which eventually leads to business growth.

Video Tutorials: Visual media serves as a useful medium if one needs to learn anything on internet.  Several marketing gurus have stated that “video” can easily turn consumers mind for making any product purchase. Landing pages having video content have a high engagement rate when compared to simple pages. It also boosts a user’s interest in pitched products.

Simple video marketing will not suffice in 2019, its time to include a video in your ecommerce site. It’s the best way to showcase your product in a detailed way. You can go for a background video, how-to video, explainer video, or a promotional video, for active customer engagement. To conclude it’s a good strategy for brands to persuade users buying decision.

Social Media: Sharing user reviews, product reviews, testimonials, case studies on social media can act as “magnet” for gaining trust and making them comfortable to purchase from your ecommerce store. Prospect buyers feel more comfy when they see positive review from others already using product. It’s highly recommended to utilize social media for gaining credibility and convert prospect visitors into buyers.

Voice SearchRecent trending phrase of digital world is “Voice search”, which is reliable for smooth communication with your target audiences. Major players have now shifted themselves for incorporating voice search technology. Its convenient and easy when used through voice assistants by letting you place orders by a simple command.

Conclusion: Getting more sales is crucial for every ecommerce brand which can only be achieved providing fantastic shopping experience. To accomplish this, one must choose best ecommerce web design in Dubai to stay updated with latest trends and follow advance technological strategies for gaining more customers, increase sales and reach new success heights.