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Web Designing | 8 Min Read

Creative Website Designs You Must Adopt Now!

Creative Website Designs You Must Adopt Now

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Posted on: Friday September 18, 2020

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We have already discussed the necessary aspects of e-commerce web designing for making highly convertible and visually appealing websites in our previous posts. We are being created with minimalist designs equipped by prompt loading pages and navigations relatively easy to search.


Precisely there is no scope for obsolete colors and outline designing since increasing the bounce rates and let the user pass away.


Only websites for leading web design agencies in Dubai break these conventions when it calls for out of the box thinking to enhance their creativity and development skills. However, many other businesses are ambitious about being unique and stay ahead of their competition.


In this post, we’ll look at some of the most creative web pages that came across us in the past few months, so you can visualize what creative designing is all about. Let’s start now.


  • GeoHoney’s Website:-


GeoHoney is a global business that deals in 100% pure natural honey. Founded by a philanthropist, the website truly reflects its brand value.


When you visit the homepage, the first thing coming before the eyes is honey color based theme and the eminent feels, representing feels of modern 21st-century aesthetics.


What’s especially liked is the use of the color combination. Golden and white are subtle, and only the layout changes; sliders are explicitly designed to demonstrate the best product offering and their benefits, such as honey getting poured into the human brain from the top and text written about the uses of honey for the brain.


  • Voom Website:-


The next on our list is a website dedicated to a 21st-century product and having a creative homepage. This is a perfect example of a website having a creative presentation of its products.


Another reason was the bold use of product images, which tells us that visually compelling websites require stylized and fancy graphics.


The primitive reason to select this website was the appropriate utilization of themes through white space, product sliders, and high-quality images present on every page.


  • Shaher Website:-


Shaher Website


This cosmetic product website is exciting and the most creative one seen before few months.


The minimalist designed theme makes anyone feel overwhelmed as product presentation is simple.


As the online shopper navigate the website to search for his desired product, he will come across a wide range of grooming products. As the shopper decides to buy any product, they can evaluate thoroughly and buy them in a hassle-free manner.


  • Juolius:-




Juolius is a series of products – watches, eyewear, wallet and handbags, perfumes, jewelry, mask, and caps that make an impressive collection of unique and highly-personalized pieces. It’s appropriate to say that their website is as unique as its brand.


At first glance, it doesn’t look like just another collection, which was their ultimate aim. This way, they stand out from any other company.


The combination of purple and white colors and a moving slider of premium flagship products move as your mouse goes, creating a fun micro-interaction, a characteristic of innovative websites.


The most intriguing part here is how they showcase their products. The purple color complements photography, and everything looks unified. The product uniqueness gets highlighted more when click their ‘personalize’ product page is clicked, and every detail comes out.


  • Maison-B-More:-




This website is an online shopping portal for discovering the latest perfect-fitting styles that captured our attention. Let’s take a look:-


The minimalist designed theme paired up with a shade of Royal Blue and White for a unique impression. What captured my attention, though, is a banner image. As you scroll, the header remains stick to the top, and product images appear clear. But this is not all.


The noticeable point here is that background color is not impacting the product pics but complement them. The masterful use of color, incredible product photography and smooth transitions adds up for the fantastic and innovative website.


Finishing up


From a honey product related website with a unique feel, through a website having a product for 2021, to an online shopping portal owned by a business dealing with flagship products from premier brands, 2021 appears to be highly optimistic when it counts for building innovative websites.


We hope that you might found this post interesting and enjoyed looking just like we do it!