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E-commerce Website Design | 8 Min Read

Easy Ways To Boost Your Ecommerce Store Sales In UAE

E-commerce in UAE

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Posted on: Thursday May 21, 2020

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Just over 9.89 million people in UAE, are affected by stay-at-home orders. The ongoing corona virus pandemic will forever change retailing, and its initial impact on e-commerce is creating challenges in traditional ways of online selling & service which no one imagined in 2019.

Mobile devices are most popular for online shopping by a wide margin. Almost 78% of consumers prefer using mobile devices to shop in stores according latest studies. E-commerce stores, supply chains, and order management systems are getting tested and best of energy is being put for improving customer experiences. Also there are millions of consumers adapting new online buying habits and behaviors. Several families now prefer online grocery, apparel, and shopping instead of visiting to store and mall permanently until a covid-19 vaccine is available.

The quarantine helped alleviate the severe time shortages, so many families and friends have had in their lives. Many are reluctant to go back to old shopping habits for fear of getting sick. Consumers are more than ever motivated to stay back at home and buy online, building ideal market conditions to fast-track, test, and demonstrate new experience-driven mobile apps, sites, and touch-points across their platform. Keeping all these points in mind we’ve compiled a list of holiday ideas designed to boost your e-commerce sales.

Mobile Site

Online shopping sales crossed the $108.2 billion mark in 2019. That’s more than a 15% increase from the year 2018. Also it’s expected that 75% of online visitors will come from mobile devices. This clearly indicates that your website should be mobile friendly and streamlined for your visitors. To achieve it; 2 main factors need to be considered: speed and usability. Ways to make your site mobile friendly and sales-focused-

  • Keep simple design as graphics-heavy designs and videos immediately slowdown the page.
  • Prefer using properly optimized images.
  • Remove unnecessary widgets or add-ons.
  • Important contact information like store hours, address (brick and mortar location), and shipping information must be available and easy to find. These things need to be clear and easy to read for mobile users.
  • Also make your links easy to interact with and read. Put buttons over hyperlinks since a person’s finger and screen calibration sensitivity can make clicking on hyperlinks annoying. Especially when you have multiple links close to one another in your content.


Using sober colors is the easiest ways to grab user attention. In e-commerce websites, color red is a popular choice, but blue and silver can serve the purpose also. Always remember that green and red color combination is difficult to find, so please avoid this combination if possible. Prefer using big headlines, large “stickers” showing sales prices, and white space.

Shopping Incentives

This is another way to boost your e-commerce sales.

  • Discounts, free shipping notice, and the use of urgency (loyalty sales, customer appreciation sales via newsletter and more) can drive sales.
  • Be mindful of holiday and festival sales opportunity as these days can drive your biggest sales number, large discount and incentives.
  • Utilize cross-sale promotion methodology to get people willing to buy.
  • Highlighting clearance section will also be useful to attract bargain hunters and budget-savvy shoppers.

Social Media

Let your audience know that they can trust you with their money and social media platform is an effective way to do this:

  • Put reviews/testimonials from your previous customers.
  • Always put a number to something. For example widget showing the most popular selling item from previous year by highlighting it.


Millions of online customers are changing their behavior during this time to opt for more convenience putting a considerable strain on e-commerce and online retailers today. Their ways to adapt will define the future of e-commerce. Many are filtering the friction of occasional customers to get turned in most loyal. Once this process gets completed, e-commerce sales may stabilize, yet, phase of making changes is already in motion for completely changing the retailing landscape and e-commerce for years to come. Moreover, changing the route or e-commerce store requires precision along with expertise and this combination of refined working style is only found in professional e-commerce web development company having ample experience and elite clientele. We at Pro Web have the most dedicated team of developer and designers, striving round the clock to get the desired results for every of our client in first attempt only. Contact us now for getting your first online store built seamlessly.