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E-commerce Website Design | 10 Min Read

Ecommerce Platform To Grow Your Business

Ecommerce Platform To Grow Your Business

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Posted on: Saturday December 19, 2020

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Ask anyone today how to enhance your business, you will hear the same thing even from a layman, start your business online, grow your ecommerce! The reason being everyone is online every time, and they want their needs to be resolved then and there. Ecommerce stores are an essential aspect for the growth of your business and delightfully there are many significant opportunities to create efficient platforms and reach potential consumers. However, with immense opportunities arrives a challenge of which one to opt and rely upon! Almost all the platforms in the market offer competitive edge over the others, but isn’t it always a difficult trap to find the one perfect ecommerce platform to grow your business.


This guide will help you in discovering the best ecommerce platform. Let us look at several characteristics and features required to build an ecommerce platform and then designate which will be the best ecommerce platform.


Characteristics and Features of any ecommerce platform necessary for your business growth:


1) Easy To Set Up:


An ecommerce platform needs to provide you support for easy set up of the store. It must help its users to constitute a comprehensive website without possessing any technical information about website development. Using the platform must speed up building a site and help you get your shop to go live immediately.


Additionally, the pre-designed templates must be present so that you have a way to initiate your shop. However, they should provide you with an option to customize the themes further to suit your inclinations.


You must be able to list multiple varieties of your merchandise based on their dimensions and shades and add versatile images to present your clients with a comprehensive view of them.


Apart from these, payment gateways play a crucial role as your shop is nothing if people cannot pay online. Despite where you are or wherever you want to trade, your clients must be able to pick from various payment options.


2) Store Management Features:


  • Customer Profiles, Accounts, and groups
  • Fulfillment Centres
  • Dropshipping
  • Email Templates


You may need an option on your website for customers to build a profile. These profiles can help you reach your clients individually with promotional propositions, information about new commodities, etc. It can increase your sales. With advanced ecommerce platforms supporting product listings, your ecommerce platform must allow you to partner up with fulfillment service providers like Amazon easily.


Eventually, you should be able to maintain your shop without ever holding an exact inventory by dropshipping. Dropshipping allows you to put an order with a third-party supplier upon an order assigned by a client. The supplier then dispatches the goods to your client. It enhances the user experience more.


3) SEO and Marketing To Boost Sales:


We all know how important social media is and what role it plays in creating your ecommerce more prominent, be it enhancing your presence, attracting traffic, or making sales.


It must offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services like providing the best headings and meta tags to your pages. Many platforms will also provide you with a list of plugins like SEO Booster to raise your sales by aiming out your site’s difficulties and fixing them.


You must check that they offer integration with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


You must also possess the choice to sell directly on social media like Facebook. Clients can purchase registered products without redirecting to your site.


4) Exceptional Security:


Security is one of the significant aspects to consider while selling online. Your customer’s account details or even yours can be revealed if your site gets hacked. Your ecommerce platform must care for all the actions included to grasp you and your customer’s security and manage any ventured violations.


5) Top-Notch Support:


Your customers demand customer support, and it is mandatory to provide them this. This addition helps your customers trust you even more.


Once the characteristics and requirements from the top-notch platform is established, it is essential to find out the one platform which fits all your needs, including the budget, meeting expectations, etc. Being at Pro Web, a well-established ecommerce development company with around a decade of experience, I believe Shopify offers you an edge over the others. This fact is not because we fancy easy development but the availability of extreme customization opportunities to be able to create the most innovative designs along with the highest security standards. Shopify experts suggest that there is an availability of 100+ payment integrations which allows you to get an edge over your competition. Also, the availability of 10,000+ templates help customers create a mind makeup of what they could expect from the designs developed by the shopify development company.


Concluding thoughts

It is essential to understand that ecommerce platforms help you build your business and transform it to reach epitomes. But it is essential to find one which suits all your needs and fits your budget(the most important aspect). Shopify development companies offer you a great development path to conquer your business growth requirements and help you walk through your ecommerce development smoothly. The essential aspect about Shopify is it caters all the ecommerce needs at a single spot, say SEO, marketing, payment integration, inventory management, and whatnot! It may be the best forward step to go with Shopify or Shopify Plus based on the size of your ecommerce and the level your business is at right now. Remember, online is the new normal, and you have to be where your customers are-on their phones!