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From Ideation To Implementation: Our Journey With No-Va

From Ideation To Implementation-Pro Web Journey With No-Va

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Posted on: Wednesday April 6, 2022

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Creating a brand from the scratch online is comparatively easier than taking an existing leading brand online. The ideas must align with their existing brand value, and designs strictly follow the brand guideline and yet enhance face value as the company propels toward new possibilities and audiences. We learned all of this in our collaboration with one of the leading athleisure brands in the UAE, No-Va as we built their website and took their brand on the digital scape.


Tech Stack


  • PHP: 7.4 (ea-php74)
  • WooCommerce: 5.4.4
  • MySQL 5.7.38 (Database)


NO-VA ATHLEISURE is an athletic leisure brand found in Dubai that is focused on bringing comfort in active apparel that is unique and innovative. They are not merely an E-commerce website, but they wish to build a close relationship with our community and to build on what they require to strive in their daily lives.




When No-Va approached Pro Web, they wanted a website that will define athleisure aesthetically. It must not become like any other mere E-commerce website, rather it must carry an essence of sophistication, exquisitely, and vibrancy just like its product line and target market: active leisure wear for the youth.




  • To create a customized store instead of a theme-based store for No-Va, which is in tandem with their existing fashion brand and brand guideline.


  • Time was also an important essence of this project, as No-Va was already a well-established clothing brand, hence they wanted to take the leap to an online store soon.




We wanted to build an E-commerce site that is user-friendly and ranks high in terms of accessibility, appeal, aesthetics, and functioning. Since No-Va had a brand logo and brand guideline ready, we had to make a website that goes in tandem with their theme, vision, and design that persuades the target audience well.


Competitor Analysis


There are a few brands contemporary to No-Va existing in the UAE. We categorically observed the layout, UI, and UX of each one and observed the following key points to incorporate into our website:


1.   Vibrant appeal


2.   Easy Navigation


3.   High-Quality images with each product color variant


4.   Easy Payment and Checkout


Teck Stack Analysis


No-Va consulted Pro Web for the E-commerce platform and keeping in mind their needs, WooCommerce was chosen for developing the online store because,


  • WooCommerce stores get a user-friendly and highly integrated CMS system that can be managed easily from the backend.


  • It has no limitations regarding the addition of a content-rich subpage, making it ideal for creating a corporate website with E-commerce capabilities.


  • It gives complete control over the data and is secure and comparatively more SEO friendly.


Developing The Features & Functionalities


  • Moving forward with building the features and functionalities, we kept developing features like,


  • Usually, online stores are built on the common themes available on WordPress, however, they end up looking similar at best. To make No-Va stands out in the crowd, we made a custom-based website, i.e. creating the theme from scratch so that it becomes the only one of its kind.


  • Instead of taking the rudimentary themes offered by WordPress, we made a custom-based website. Hence, we designed each and every page.


  • To make it more user-friendly and invigorative, we incorporated features like variant change, where the image displayed of the product will change as the user browses through different color, size, or price variants available for a particular product.


  • We integrated Telr as a payment gateway.


  • Keeping in mind how brand and aesthetically conscious No-Va is, we designed each page as per the color and design scheme of their brand guideline, with shapes and figures that reflect No-Va’s concept.


Hence after ideating several features, we were able to render No-Va, a custom-based website, as vibrant as its brand.


Collaborating with No-Va is a milestone for Pro Web as it arches its way to becoming one of the most reliable web development companies in Dubai by renowned brands.