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Grow Your Website Traffic Through Live Chat

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Posted on: Thursday February 21, 2019

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Have you been mulling over the possibility of live chats option on your website? Are you having a hard time deciding whether to place this decision under ‘highly profitable’ or ‘unnecessary expense’?

Our advice: go for it.

No, it doesn’t matter whether you sell clothes or stocks. Doesn’t matter if yours is a rental car agency or a bakery, as long as you have a business that appeals directly to consumers, you need Live Chat Support on your site. According to a survey, web design agencies that enable live chat experience on their websites have 65% of people returning to them. Experts believe that this is because visitors feel a sense of security when they are able to visually see the customer support representative.

The benefit is not just in adding the feature, but adding it right at this stage, when it’s just trending, but still not a priority for most web design agencies. This is because adding live chat ahead of others will draw the attention of visitors towards the fact that you prioritize enhancement of customer service. Let’s take a look at some of top reasons as to why you should adopt live chat feature.

Boosting traffic: The first advantage that you need to know about live chat is that it plays a huge role in increasing sales. A report suggests that customers who use live chat make purchases three times more than others.



Customer retention: For visitors, live chat has a connotation of better technology through more investment, which in turn gives a sense of better quality of products or services to the customer. Therefore, they keep returning to your website, adding to visitor traffic. It also gives an assurance to customer that you are always there for them to take care of their problems regarding your website and/or services.

Discover minus points: Video chat logs are a valuable source of knowledge. They can guide you in identifying minus points of your website and/or services and improving the same. They can be also be accessed by senior management during customer grievance redressal or quality enhancement procedures.

Enables proactive customer support: Another awesome feature of live chat support is that it beats telephone support by a huge margin. In telephonic customer support, customers have to call customer support themselves, whereas in live chat support, customer support representative can initiate the conversation. If too many customers bounce off the website, the representative can use this feature to gently approach customers and ask them about the things that tick them off.

Quick fixes: On telephone support, customers have often been cited to get irritated when they are unable to interact properly with the customer support representative. Through screen sharing features in live chat, representatives can visually guide the customers in troubleshooting, which is much easier for customers to follow.

These are general benefits of live feature that are universally relevant across all kinds of business. In addition, businesses that have live chat will experience certain special benefits too, depending upon the specific kind of business it is. For example, a company providing packaged food may use live chat to demonstrate their entire manufacturing and packaging process in case a single doubt arises regarding harmful ingredients in their product.