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How Crucial Is Google Ads For Your Business Growth?

How crucial is Google Ads for your business growth

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Posted on: Monday February 21, 2022

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In the realm of commerce and trade, everything has revolutionized. The effect of this statement amplifies the pace of digitalization today, where all operations of business like marketing, sales, administration, management, etc., have gone online. Therefore, every business entity needs to have a robust virtual presence to capture the attention of customers worldwide. In that precept, Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai are devising ways to leverage SEO tools to make their clients omnipresent. In addition, they understand that advertising on the digital interface plays a critical role for every business. Here is where Google Ads comes into the picture.


The development of Google Ads is a story in itself. When it launched back in 2000, when Google was in the initial phase, it merely had 350 advertisers. Today, more than 1 million advertisers use Google Ads for their revenue. Back then, it had only 20 million searches per day, but today it counts more than 5.4 billion daily searches. As per the reports of Search Engine Land, Google now approximates around 2 trillion searches per year. That brought Google on the same pedestal as the biggest technology companies like Apple. Amazon and Facebook.


Therefore, it is needless to say that every single time a user looks up for a particular product or service on the search engine, several merchants and business owners compete to get their services listed high on the Google Ads list.


In this blog, we look into this cut-throat competition, what benefits Google Ads offer, and conclude how crucial it is for the growth of your business. But first, let us start with the fundamental question.


What is Google Ads?


In layman terminology, Google Ads is an online advertising service developed by Google’s search engine and launched in 2000. It has made the life of marketers easy as their products and services reach their customers quickly. How, if you may ask? When a person searches something on Google with a keyword related to what they are looking for. Within seconds Google floods their screen with several search results. With Google accounting for more than a trillion searches per year, a person will probably click on your Ad. However, there is a catch. This probability depends on where your services rank on the organic result to drive the traffic to your site, which again depends on your SEO-optimized page. Although Google Ads works faster than the SEO process, it does not mean your page shouldn’t be optimized.


How does Google Ads rank your Ads?


How does Google Ads rank your Ads


The ranking of your Ads on Google Ads depends on the


  • Maximum cost-per-click bid and
  • Quality score.


Maximum cost-per-click bid


That is to say, you need to pay each time a user clicks on your ad. So if anyone clicks on your ad, that click will cost you as much as your cost-per-click bid (CPC). Therefore, if you set your maximum CPC at, say, USD1, you will not have to pay more than USD1 per click. A higher bid obviously ranks your Ad higher, but a Quality score also ranks your ad higher on the list.


Quality score


Google has a Quality score to determine the quality of your ad, which is directly proportional to your PPC. The more you optimize your quality score, the lower your CPC goes. On the other hand, if you maintain a high-quality score, Google understands that your ads and keywords are the best a customer can get when looking for the pertaining product or service.


Factors determining the quality score are:


  • Click through rate of the Ad (CTR)
  • Keywords used and the performance of the Ads account in the past
  • Engagement and relevancy of the Ads
  • Quality of the Landing page


What are the benefits of Google Ads?


Google benefits your business growth as it offers the following boons:


(1) Works faster than SEO


If adequately optimized, Google Ads campaigns instantly drive traffic to the page or website compared to SEO. But again, it does not mean strategies built by SEO Companies in Dubai are needed to generate organic traffic, which helps your business in the long run. It is noteworthy at this point, that Google Ads has emerged as the most popular way to drive traffic and even SEO agencies are pondering on How to Drive Traffic to Their Clients Sites with Google Ads.


(2) Analysis of performance is possible


You cannot analyze the impact of your ad published on newspapers and Billboards until a customer walks in. However, Google Ads gives you an accurate report of the performance of your ad, like clicks on the ad, the number of leads generated, traffic from the ad. For example, this particular keyword brought the most traffic, etc.


(3) Increase brand awareness


Prior Google Ads era, Billboards was the primary strategy of marketers to advertise their product and services. Then came Google Ads, which revolutionized business advertisement. Now businesses are advertised when people search for a particular keyword about a particular product or service. Therefore, Google Ads enables targeted advertising which aids in improving brand awareness among the category of people desired.


(4) Made remarketing possible


It so happens that the majority of the people who reach your website visit it for research purposes and leave your website without making any purchase. Thanks to Google Ads, you can remarket your goods and services to such people and even create a suppression list that targets new leads rather than running into those already converted.


(5) Target outranking


It is a bidding strategy practiced to outrank your competitors’ ads; thus, it helps your ad rank higher than your competitor’s ad. However, a bid strategy can only be used to outrank one domain.


(6) Scheduling the time and date of an ad


Google Ads enables you to schedule your ad for a specific run time. Running your ad for some particular period rather than indefinitely helps you keep track of the time when the ad starts eating your money a lot and doesn’t bear productivity. So you can remove the advertisement for that particular period, save money, and then use it again later effectively.



With the mobile base skyrocketing and Android is powered by Google itself, every business will bear profit if it leverages everything that Google offers, including Google Ads.


Concluding thoughts

Thus, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to drive some of that massive traffic to your website. Thus with Google Ads and integration of PPC and SEO strategies, you give your business the ignition to grow and thrive in this digital world.