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How does affordable SEO services in Dubai will help your website rank higher in Google?

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Posted on: Friday December 16, 2016

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SEO in Dubai is been flourishing each and every day and so is the SEO companies. There are now many professional and world class SEO companies’ offering affordable SEO services in Dubai. You might be wondering in this highly competitive market, how feasible for the SEO companies to provide the SEO services at such a low cost. You might also be thinking does these companies are able to deliver the results that are the clients looking for? The affordable SEO companies in Dubai charge pretty nominal, yet they provide top class service to build their brand. These companies have a set of SEO procedures that goes in accord with the present search engine scenario and Google Algorithm.

How these companies optimize the websites and improve its rankings

Usually, the affordable company follows a strict SEO process that includes the technical optimization, On page optimization and Link building. They first conduct technical optimization and fix some common errors on the website to make them clean and search engine friendly. Here, are some common technical errors that SEO companies fix to keep website clean.

Affordable seo services

Fixing Pagination Issues:

Pagination is one of the most common issues that most of the website has these days especially the product website. Pagination creates duplicity on the website and therefore Google not gives any prominence to the website. The best way to resolve this issue is by using the Rel Next” Prev tags. Pagination issue arises with the Page numbers and different sort filter used on the category pages that contain products. Sometimes the List View and Grid View also creates pagination and Sort feature based in Price, Popular, and New also creates Pagination issue.

Fixing  the Upper Case and Lower Case letters:

This is one of the most neglected issues in most of the website, that webmaster notices after a long time. Most of the websites have their category pages resolving both with the upper case and lower case letters. Now for Google, there are no such choices between the upper case or the lower case. If you have the pages resolving with both upper and lower case than you are creating confusion for the search engine bot, as it will consider both these pages as separate pages. For example, or  will be creating the duplicity issue. The best way to resolve this issue to redirect either of the pages to the other page using the 301 permanent redirections. It is completely a matter of your personal choice to keep either upper case pages or lower case pages live. Though, upper case letters look more stylish and easy to read therefore most of the ecommerce store keep the upper case letter sonly otherwise they don’t have any other SEO significance.

Updating XML Sitemap and submit in webmaster:

Affordable SEO companies also create and submit an XML sitemap to your website. XML sitemap contains all the important pages of the website that are having server status “200 OK. There should not be any dead page or the page with “404 Sever Header” present in XML sitemap. Also, there should not be any page present in the XML sitemap which is been blocked in the Robots.txt file of the website. Every XML sitemap needs to be submitted in the Google Webmaster to Google up to date about the pages. Make sure to update the XML sitemap every time when you add or remove pages and then resubmit it in the Google Webmaster.

Fixing Dead Pages

404 broken links are commonly referred in SEO as the Dead Pages is a big issue on most of the websites. Sometimes, you have thousands of dead pages on your website causing a huge problem to the website crawl ability. Search engine bot really doesn’t like to visit the websites that have tons of dead pages. In a usual scenario, you should never like to visit a road that has tons of digs and holes, because it affects your speed. The same thing happens with the search engine bot’s the dead pages slow down their crawl ability speed and that’s why they don’t like to waste their time in crawling those pages that are of no use for the users. SEO companies resolve this issue by Redirecting the dead pages either to the Sitemap or to a custom 404 page with server header 200 OK. This will also help in reducing the bounce rate as after landing in the custom 404 page or to the sitemap user will have the choice to browse the different sections of the website. You may redirect the user to the sibling page or to the category page of the website as well.