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How Long Should A Blog Post Be For SEO?

How Long Should a Blog Post be for SEO

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Posted on: Thursday May 6, 2021

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It’s usually challenging to decide an adequate length of a blog post. We always ponder questions like ‘Is this much content enough?’ ‘Will I get a good ranking with these many words?’ However, it is essential to keep in mind that the Google ranking algorithm doesn’t work only based on your blog post length. It considers several factors which are to be kept in mind while writing the blog. Whether you get your SEO Agency in Dubai to write it for you or write the blog yourself, it is crucial to understand the optimal length accumulated with ranking factors to get your websites ranked on top in SERPs.


Relevance Of Blog Length With Google Rankings:


Without wasting any time, let’s directly jump into the question! We understand that Google directly ranks those contents on top, wherein the users find the essential information quickly. However, it also considers how informative the blog is. Over the years of studies about the rankings received by several contents, we may conclude that long-form contents usually receive better ranks. It is relevant to consider blog length as one of the ranking factors.


According to one of the recently published documents by Google-Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, it has been stated that high-quality content is content that is factually correct, clearly written, and is comprehensive. The word ‘comprehensive’ helps emphasize the fact that your content quality is being evaluated on how descriptive your text is. It also highlights the significance of the topic in determining the size of the blog post. Broader the topic elongated the blog will be. Hence, if you choose a precise topic in nature, don’t try to overdo the blog to enhance the number of words.


The critical point in getting organic traffic for your blogs is creating original content, easy to understand, appealing to the audience, and informative. If you stick to these, you will realize you have a blog with optimal length. Not much effort to add! These points will also help you to judge the content you receive from external sources. SEO companies in Dubai will unanimously agree that Google’s algorithms have enhanced to the extent that it can read and identify the relevance of your content’s information. Gone are the days when you could gain rankings by few elements.


Benefits of creating long content:


So, now that we know that creating long content plays a crucial role, it is imperative to understand what other benefits it provides to our blogs.


(1) Long forms of content help you provide your readers descriptive and complete information without leaving any information. It aids you in initiating a discussion on certain aspects and enables you to get better interactive comments.


(2) With long blog posts, you can add more internal links and keep your users engaged with your website, and in turn, reduce the bounce rate.


(3) Long blogs are easy to contain more information in a better form and help your users spend more time on your website. This time spent will be better for your website.


(4) It isn’t easy to write long blog posts, but sure, it is more likely to contain original content because long blog posts can only be created by adding information that has been well-researched and studied.


(5) When you decide to write a long post, it gives you the liberty to choose broader topics, hence providing you the freedom to widen your scope.


Keywords v/s Number of Words


Keywords vs. Number of Words


Another question we usually come across while blog optimization for SEO is how many keywords should be present and their frequency. As far as we consider the number of words in the blog, while the ideal blog length is around 800-1500 words, it usually varies per niche. Now, when it comes to keywords, long blog posts allow you to insert your keywords naturally. Since there is a long text, you won’t be struggling to add sentences to add keywords. Moreover, about the frequency of keywords, it keeps on changing now and then; however, in general, you should not have more than 4-5 short tail keywords and only one or two long-tail keywords. Don’t artificially try to insert keywords; let them occur naturally.




It is relevant to decide optimal blog post length before initiating the blog writing-suggests the best SEO Agency in Dubai. It helps you plan your publishing timelines according to the duration you need to create per blog post. It will also help you decide on relevant topics which are not confined. Moreover, your blog posts add authenticity and authenticity to your website, telling your visitors that you hold expertise in your industry. In short, your blog posts must be highly relevant in terms of the information they carry according to the topic, and must always have factually correct information apart from being descriptive in nature. Optimize your blogs efficiently, and the traffic follows.