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How Much Traffic Is Necessary To Earn With Google Adsense?

How Much Traffic Is Necessary To Earn With Google AdSense

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Posted on: Monday March 15, 2021

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Every website owner wishes to monetize their website traffic. But is it that easy? Well, you probably know the answer, and that’s what brings you here. We have many examples of successful websites generating tremendous profits. While you keep failing in bringing about a change in your site’s performance, it’s obvious that you would question your efforts or approach. We thought of answering some questions that may be hounding you.


Numerous advertising programs could help you generate income. However, Google AdSense is the preferable one these days. Google started this advertising program in 2003, and now it’s a source of income for many people over the Internet. It offers a great opportunity to website owners and webmasters to monetize their traffic. Google pays around $10 billion to its publishers every year. Although you can seek help from various digital marketing companies in Dubai, we thought some answers should not be delayed.


How Does Google AdSense Benefit You?


For a quick introduction: Google AdSense is an advertising placement service powered by Google, which lets publishers generate income. It displays videos, images, and targeted text on your web pages. When visitors click on those ads, you get paid. Over 10 million websites are currently using it, and a large number of website owners and publishers are getting paid.


Google AdSense offers a myriad of benefits to publishers or website owners who sign-up for the program. Some of them are mentioned below:-


  • It is not mandatory for a user to sell a product for being eligible to be a part of the Google AdSense programme. Providing adequate and relevant information on your website is enough.
  • AdSense maintains transparency and offers a high level of security for all the actions taken as a part of the program for both publishers and advertisers. Google acts as an intermediary between both parties and keeps things crystal clear among all.
  • Google AdSense lets you manage your ads on different websites. You can monitor and cater ads on multiple websites through a single account and track metrics with Google Analytics.
  • It offers multiple ad formats, including images, text, HTML ads, videos and many more. Publishers can experiment with these ads in different forms and sizes and see what brings the best results.


How Does It Work?


It’s easier than you may assume. All you need to do is insert some small codes on your website. Based on the proprietary agreement, Google will then target ads on your page that are either relevant to the user’s content or past searches. When visitors on your website click on those ads, you get paid. Google AdSense works on a revenue-sharing and cost-per-click basis. This implies that your goal is to get as many clicks on those ads as you can. Obviously, Google has a systematic plan to track click frauds. So, you may have to proceed ethically with whatever you do.


Minimum Traffic And Other Requirements To Earn Through AdSense


How Much Traffic Is Necessary To Earn With Google AdSense_1


While Google AdSense is open to almost everyone, there are a few guidelines that determine your eligibility to earn through it. Mentioned below are a few reasons you can be disqualified from the AdSense programme.


1. Not Having Sufficient Content


If a website lacks enough content or text to review, its application for AdSense approval will be rejected. This applies to websites that only have a single landing page, or most of their content is embedded in videos or Flash. Spam, low-quality content or content for specific industries like illegal pharmaceuticals will also lead to rejection.


2. Lack Of User-Friendly Website Design


A website whose design turns it to be virtually unusable is likely to get rejected. For example, white text on a neon yellow background makes it difficult to read, or maybe the web design is hard to use. In these cases, Google will reject your application.


3. Essential Pages Missing 


Lack of essential pages like the about us page, privacy policy, and contact us page could be a reason for rejection. Although they may not be necessary for a basic personal blog, Google prefers websites that have them.


Apart from these points, you will be required to verify your Google account and website ownership via email. Google would verify your name and age using the same. An SEO company in Dubai could help you well in getting these things done.


Paid traffic is never really appreciated by Google. It can reject your application for getting paid traffic from outside of the ad networks. However, you can display ads from other ad networks, considering that too many ads on a page may hurt your website’s organic and paid values. It would be smart to use fewer high-quality ads instead. Unlike other ad networks, Google AdSense does not have any minimum traffic threshold to apply and get accepted. But not having enough traffic can impact your earnings. While you don’t want to limit yourself to pennies, it’s important to pay attention to traffic on your website.


How Much Can You Earn From Google AdSense?  


Google charges advertisers for each ad click. At the same time, publishers get 68% of that amount. If it’s through AdSense for search, they get 51% of the amount. The commission you receive is based on the competition among various keywords. This commission can generally range between $0.20 to $15. While most niches let the publishers earn less than $3 per click, some niches could be highly profitable. The important question is, how much traffic do you need to generate a decent income through Google AdSense? Well, you would need to collect some data and do some math.


Based on the niches you may be dealing with, you should set a goal of earning $100 per day on average. For the same, it is important that you consider the click-through rate also. If you have done this earlier, consider analytics to get an idea.


At the least, let’s consider a 1% CTR for you. This means 1 out of 100 visitors would click the ads. If you get 25 cents per click, you earn 25 cents per 100 views. Thus, you need 400 visitors for $1 and 40,000 visitors to meet your goal of $100 per day.


Obviously, getting 40,000 visitors per day may be difficult when you have just started a blog and hardly manage to get 10 viewers per month. However, dividing the expected results among different sections would work. Remember that you’re not limited to one blog post to fulfill traffic requirements. You can divide the traffic expectations among as many blogs as you want. It would be much easier to get enough visitors this way. Certainly, when the topics and content in the blog posts vary, the traffic and reaction of visitors to them would also vary. Consider boosting the other processes involved to get overall better results.


Final Words  


While Google AdSense is a great source of earning, you cannot expect miracles. Kingdoms are not built overnight, nor is traffic for your website. Putting in some time and the right efforts into maintaining your website and attracting enough traffic will surely give you positive results.