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Opencart Website Development | 7 Min Read

How Opencart Is Apt Choice For Online Store Development?

OpenCart UAE

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Posted on: Tuesday April 21, 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Every ecommerce web development company along with e-commerce store owners are familiar with OpenCart due to its extreme popularity. It’s been giving a tough competition to other e-commerce web development platforms like Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and many others.

What is OpenCart?

It’s a reliable, user-friendly and open-source e-commerce web development platform that’s being considered best for every small business size or one-stop solution for building and managing online stores.

OpenCart is developed in PHP script language using MVC architecture and MySQL database. Developers having knowledge of PHP and MySQL can easily built robust e-commerce websites with the help of it. But, it’s advisable to avail services from professional e-commerce web development company in Dubai as they are capable to utilize this platform at its full potential.

The most important objective of any e-commerce business is offering a user-friendly shopping experience to the customers, which is only possible by developing a fast, secure and easy-to-navigate website, so it’s important to choose the appropriate platform is for growing your business online. Opencart UAE has been trusted by many of e-commerce business owners globally for enriching their online store with impeccable features. One can install it easily and perform some necessary steps to get their online store up and running. After installation, just pick a theme, add your product, and choose the shipping & payment method.

Why Opencart UAE is preferred?

The demand for Opencart UAE has been increasing every day since the owners of several online businesses chosen OpenCart for development of their website. After all, this intelligent online store management system allows the use your creativity in alignment with your business goals. Here’s a list of amazing features:

1) Customization

It’s exceptionally customizable in every aspect- from theme to payment gateway integration. One can choose from a huge range of templates or import templates from other sources to give their website a desired look and feel. There is a option of free as well as paid modules, extensions, plugins and modules from other stores to be used for creating your website using OpenCart UAE. It has also become the choice for many entrepreneurs due to the availability of various shipping and payment options.

2) Simplicity

Despite being hugely customizable, OpenCart UAE is simple to use and easy to understand. The dashboard allows selection of elements, theme, language, currency, shipping method, payment gateway, and much more in just a few clicks. Moreover its easy to build and manage multiple stores by a single admin panel.

3) Security and Performance

E-commerce web development companies offering OpenCart based online stores recommend this platform as it ranks high on performance and safety. It has a huge list of built-in features to make your website lightweight and load faster. Also you can add a few plugins to enhance the website functionalities. Whether you build your online store or hire an ecommerce web development company, just don’t worry about the safety of your digital assets.

4) Boost Traffic & Sales

The primitive aim of making any e-commerce website is boosting traffic, and subsequently, sales and profits. OpenCart UAE enables you to reach wide audiences and increase revenue. It’s an ideal platform for e-commerce stores having customers in every part of the world as it supports multiple languages, currencies, and tax zones.

Those looking to start selling on established marketplaces, like Amazon; can get 3rd party API integration.

5) Cost-Efficient

Like mentioned above, OpenCart is open-source and free to build e-commerce websites in a cost-effective way. It has various plugins, modules, and extensions to give your website the required features. Moreover, if you desire to promote a vast array of products or have some peculiar requirements, definitely opt for paid plugins, modules, and extensions available in moderate price.


OpenCart UAE is a good example of intuitiveness and simplicity since as you can choose from various elements to build an e-commerce store of your dreams. Although the coding here is easy to modify, but approaching an professional ecommerce web development company like Pro Web will prove to be beneficial in the long run. We offer the best-in-class OpenCart UAE web development services for businesses of all kinds and scales.