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How to do Social Media Marketing?

how to do social media

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Posted on: Monday December 19, 2016

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Social media marketing has become a popular trend all over the world and there is no reason for anyone not to use social media. Here in Dubai also, social media is getting popular among the youth, businessmen and working class people. Till a few years back, people were only using the social media just for fun and social networking, but today social media has become a big business platform. People now use social media to promote their services and businesses and get more customers to be aware of their business. The thing that has revolutionized the social media is, of course, the different social media networking platforms.


These days, there are many social media companies in Dubai providing social media optimization services to promote one’s business and services. There are now different social platforms and many social media tools that make your life easy. If you are new to social media and absolutely have no idea on how to use social media for business, then you need to learn some basics about social media first.

How to use social media marketing for business?

There are different ways through which you can use social media marketing to promote your business and get more leads. Some good ways to do this are mentioned below.

Create Business Page: First of all create a business page for your business on leading social media websites like Facebook or Google Plus and then try updating that page often, to engage the users.


social media marketing in dubai

Run Contests: The best way to promote your business through social media is to run some sort of contest or competition to attract more users.  You should make the stipulation that the people who like your page should only enter into the contest and get rewards.

Run Referral Schemes: Referral schemes are yet another way to promote your business. These days many people on the web are looking for some opportunities to earn some additional money and referral schemes are a good way. Here you only need to ask your fans to refer your business to their friends and connections and in return earn some cash bonus or some kind of reward points.

Use #Hashtags: Hashtags are the most important signature in the social media. The more Hashtags you use on your tweets or posts, you are more likely to be found on the web. Make sure to use Hashtags on the trending topics or popular topics, but don’t use Hashtags in every word because it will sound more aberrant.

Use occasions or festivals:  An occasion or festival is a great way to connect with people because people are emotionally attached to it. For example running a breast cancer awareness campaign on the eve of Breast Cancer day may nothing to do with your business, but it will surely create an emotional value for your business in the mind of people. You can utilize occasions like father’s day, mother’s day, national day, Thanksgiving day, or any other local festivals.