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How To Drive Traffic To Your Client’s Site With Google Ads?

How to Drive Traffic to your Client’s Site with Google Ads

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Posted on: Monday October 19, 2020

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Exploring more and more customers is one of the most challenging and oldest tasks in business. Therefore your client gives special attention to finding new customers, so how can you help them? Fortunately, in this digital age, we have an effective solution and a tool that is Google Ads. Yes, you read right, with Google Ads, you can grab the attention of billions of people every day. According to a survey, forty-nine percent of people search for new products and items on Google.


For example: Let’s say you are creating an Ecommerce store on Shopify and want to drive traffic and generate leads on your Shopify UAE store, then using Google Ads is a great choice for you.


What is the best thing about Google Ads? You need to pay when you get the results. Yes, Ads only charge money when they give profitable results, such as generating traffic on your client’s website.


Wondering how you can use Google Ads to drive traffic to your client’s website? If yes!!! Then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best and fruitful tips on how to increase the traffic of your client’s website with Google Ads.


Steps 1: Use Google Ads to Boost Search Visibility:


Use google ads


The hub of knowledge, Google Search, is the best place to start. It shows your client’s Ads along with search results when users are wondering about the services or products that your client’s offer.


Search campaigns are effortless to make and always focus on particular marketing goals, such as boosting search visibility, sales, logins, and whatnot. This aim should highlight the result you like to obtain for your client’s online store, including profit, traffic’s website, more and more customers, etc. Apart from that, each campaign is packed with settings like language and devices that help you improve the Ads’ goals.


Are you facing difficulties in choosing a reliable search campaign for your client’s website? Fret not as there are many digital marketing companies in Dubai who help in selecting the best search campaign.


After deciding the campaign settings for the client’s website, you need to put the details of their products and services into the campaign. Thus, if your client’s website is large and you are troubling to fill the campaign, you can employ Dynamic Search Ads as it is specifically designed for large websites.


Step 2: Expand Your Network with Shopping Ads:


Expand your network


More than a billion users use Google every day, and that makes it the best place to connect with potential customers. Google Shopping Ads are the best way to reach global customers through the Google display network, maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc.


Moreover, shopping Ads provide a link to the website and show images of your client’s product to users. It also shows other information to users, including store name, title, price, etc.


Step 3: Get Your Client Noticed with Discovery Ads:


Get your client noticed


Google is not only about searching and shopping, as people also use it for more than that. Do you want to connect not only with deliberate searches but also with unintentional searches? You must use Discovery Ads. Just like social media, these Ads show on scrolling feeds.


With Discovery Ads, you can show your client’s products and brands to users while they are looking to try something different and new. These are the best way to explore new customers.


Discovery Ads are very easy to manage, as there is no need to use any specific campaign. You can use the singular campaign to manage discovery Ads and do the same setting to Shopping and Search campaigns, including a common marketing goal like improving sales, attracting new customers, and acquiring target audiences. Once you set your campaign, you can begin creating your Ads, offering valuable creative, and so on.


Try to use superior quality images, and don’t be panic to reuse those creative that already grabbed eyeballs on social media or other platforms. Attractive and inspiring images are powerful, mainly if they express your client’s valuable products. Therefore, you should offer great quality images, titles, and descriptions to cover plenty of options.



You can also consult with reputable digital marketing in Dubai like Pro Web, to know more about some best strategies to use Google Ads to drive traffic to your client’s site.


Step 4: Use Video to Share the Client’s Customer Stories:


Use video to share


If you think that Ads with images are great, stop, and try videos. Every month more than two billion people use YouTube. This makes it a useful and strong platform. Advertisers can be connected with people while they are watching videos they are interested in. There are plenty of video ad formats available, so you choose the one according to your client’s goals, and for different Ad groups, you can also use different formats. Moreover, you can get digital marketing services to share the client’s customer stories through YouTube.


Concluding thoughts

Following the steps mentioned above, you can certainly help your clients in building a profitable Google Ads campaign that will certainly generate traffic and increase leads. If you are a beginner, it may be good to start with a fixed, low budget and some easy Ads to get a better experience. With a simple strategy, patience, and consistency, you may explore that using Google Ads as an essential part of your marketing efforts brings a good reach to your client’s website. You can certainly increase conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) by several times by making PPC landing pages extremely relevant.