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E-commerce Website Design | 8 Min Read

How To Expand Your Ecommerce Business In Dubai?

Ecommerce Web Development Dubai

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Posted on: Tuesday April 14, 2020

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E-commerce has been booming in UAE at unbelievable rates with each passing day. According to global economic studies, online business transactions reached $16 billion (Dh59 billion) in 2019 and will continue at same rate in 2020 also. Another report by Dubai Government and VISA states that UAE is the prompt growing Ecommerce market in Middle East. These huge numbers also indicates that it’s the best time to think of having an e-commerce website if you do not have one yet.

Major factors contributing in the boom of UAE e-commerce include rise of digital platforms in UAE with the highest rate of social media penetration across the globe. Approx 65% population uses internet and its well above the global average of 51.7%. The internet penetration has grown rapidly due to greater network connectivity in the region. This ever-increasing internet usage, especially social media has been a major contributing factor in booming e-commerce web development Dubai. People are now more connected and they have smart device in hand, so they prefer to purchase online since it’s convenient.

Another important factor for rise in e-commerce business is UAE governing bodies providing significant help to tech-businesses. Policies like e-commerce regulations for ‘Dubai Free Zones Council’ to promote Foreign Direct Investment into online commerce sector. Dubai neighborhoods like ‘CommerCity’ that is a 735 Million Dollar project are already dedicated to e-commerce. Also the increasing popularity of e-governance here is another contributing factor demonstrating the interest of governments in promoting world-wide web.

The 3rd contributing factor is arrival of several ecommerce web development company Dubai , who have potentially raised the bar in ecommerce web development by development and designing robust ecommerce websites using best ecommerce web development platforms like Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and more.  Despite so many available options, Shopify UAE has been the most trusted one for e-commerce web development and been preferred choice of leading ecommerce web development companies like Pro Web.

Overall we can say that high penetration of internet rise of smartphones-savvy youth, supporting government, professional ecommerce web development companies and established retailer networks has contributed in the huge success of e-commerce UAE. Hereby, it has also become necessity for retailers to go online for staying relevant in the present scenarios.

How Ecommerce Benefits your Business?

Here are the major benefits any business can have with an Ecommerce website:

(1) Selling Products Worldwide:  If you are having a physical store, sales will be limited into a geographical area, but having an Ecommerce website, will let you sell products across the globe easily.

(2) 24*7 Business: Another benefit is that your online store remains open every-time. It also helps to increase the total number of orders as customers have the choice to purchase when and what they like.

(3) Convenient:  This is also important for benefiting because your customers as it’s quick, easy and user-friendly which also save a lot of time and money.

(4) Economical: Selling through e-commerce websites do-not investing money for infrastructure, just require a well-designed website to reach your potential customers for selling products.

(5) Increase Reach:  Online commerce helps you reach potential customers through online traffic from search engines as customers can follow the link and land on your website.

How Pro Web Can Build Your Perfect Ecommerce Website?

As growth of e-commerce industry and importance of businesses having e-commerce website have been discussed already, it’s essential to know how your can achieve your online commerce goals. Any good e-commerce website is a result of combined efforts by team of professional ecommerce web development company Dubai. Pro Web is leading Ecommerce web development company with 8+ years of experience of creating robust ecommerce web development solutions through best open source solutions and web-based platforms to increase your sales. Our team of expert developers and designers has the passion and zeal to deliver the best ecommerce websites to our clients. We assure complete support until our client business starts to generate more sales.

We use the best platforms for Ecommerce development such as Shopify, MagentoOpencartWooCommerce, and PrestaShop to deliver you top quality websites. Our services will definitely prove to be an asset for your company, as we have a track record of delivering e-commerce website that went on to become game-changers for many businesses. We ensure the best of services in terms of authenticity, creativity, and quality.