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How To Make Product More Appealing For Ecommerce Customers?

How To Make Product More Appealing For Ecommerce Customers

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Posted on: Friday July 24, 2020

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Running e-commerce store is a tough task. One need to worry about making more sales, receiving payments and orders to fill. This makes it absolutely essential for every online store owner to get their bases covered if they want smooth running of business.


Here we will try to look at things from the perspective of customers, especially when the user visits an e-commerce website and perform product selection for making the final purchase.


We are going to provide you some essential tips that will lay a strong foundation for creating a positive shopping experience since it’s a deciding factor whether a shopper would buy the product from you or from one of your customers and how correct presentation of your products is a vital part of customer experience.


Take these 2 products for example:





First product is lesser priced and kind of ordinary — and you can clearly see it’s a watch — but the bottom line still remains the same, no appeal. While the second option is higher priced, and looks trendier, the imagery and description is engaging.


Two functionally similar products, yet one appears to be highly desirable and appealing than the other. You guessed it right! Presentation of the product.


Continue reading to know more about great presentation tips for making your product more attractive to customers.


Use High-Definition Pics


Having good product images should be your utmost priority. Unlike traditional brick and mortar stores where customers can actually see and touch the product they are considering for purchase, online stores have only product pics for customers to decide.


Recent studies clearly suggest that online buyers don’t prefer to buy if a product is having less clear image or unsatisfactory description. We will talk about the description afterwards but let us concentrate on product pics first.


While it costs a bit higher to employ a professional photographer for getting high-quality product images but it’s not the ultimate catalyst for success, however you can use these ideas:


  • Ensure that product appears to be exactly similar in pics just like it does in real-life.
  • Have one main image from the front angle of your product, along with 3-4 more images from various different images for customers to scroll through. Here’s an example of different product angles to get you going:


product angles


  • Use standard colors in background color for perfect blend with your storefront template.


Create Meaningful Descriptions


Photos are like ‘first impression’ of product for customers, but it requires to be supported from words also — especially when you desire to tell the unique selling points. Ideally a description about the product is mainly focused on providing customers with a detailed overview and prominent features. However there’s a scope to do it better. Here’s a list of ideas to be kept in mind while jotting a product description:


  • Explain why your product is the best — rather than saying it’s the best.
  • Say it just like customers do. If you sell to women, use emotional language and if you sell to men use enthusiastic one.
  • Concentrate on sense triggering words: exemplify shape, color, or texture of your product.
  • Remove extra characters and use proper format for descriptions.




Showcase Best Products First


Generally there are two types of customers; one who know what exactly they want to buy and others who don’t.


Whenever a customer visit an online store, it takes some time for them to select the product and proceed for final purchase, especially when a lot of product categories. However it can be easily done if store owners demonstrate their best-selling products on homepage with a “Buy Now” button.


Showcase Best Products First


Product Packaging Matters


A recent survey clearly indicates that quality of packaging material signify the goodness of any product. So it’s crucial that product packaging is best and must be seen by store visitors too.


But this doesn’t mean that you should invest in platinum bubble wrap for packaging — keep it clean and tidy. Prefer ‘pleasant to touch’ materials like craft paper or textile. Also minimize the use of plastic material in packaging as it would be helpful to add more value to your brand.


Inform Your Customers


Many times people leave the shopping cart because either they are unsure whether it’s a perfect solution or easy to use or not. See if an online store have a skin-care combo or non-wired endoscopic camera or wind cheater jacket, it’s important to let your buyers know how to use them for getting most benefits.


Another factor is selling complex products require more efforts than usual ones, but a good description (video) about the features can be fruitful endlessly. This method is also useful for merchants do much more with their e-commerce stores along with teaching the customers to maximize the benefits from your products. You can shoot a few tutorials videos, create a blog by adding step-by-step guidelines for using the product. This would be helpful for your customers to feel more confident and in-command while using your products.




To conclude, product presentation matters more than everything now. Showcasing the products with good images, compelling description, and quality packaging are keys of delivering a convertible shopping experience. So delight your consumers with some visually appealing products, and gain more sales in return.