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How to set up HTML/CSS?

how to set up html

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Posted on: Saturday December 17, 2016

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HTML is one of the most popular programming languages with some great features and options for customization. Unlike other programming languages, learning HTML is a lot of fun and quite interesting as well. Today, with the advent of HTML, this language has become further advanced and now most of the PHP codes are also written in the HTML document to provide a great user extreme for the website users. Though, since starting HTML was not really easy because of the complex codes, sometimes it becomes shared for the programmers to remember every code especially when they want to integrate it with the CSS and JavaScript. Today, programmers are relatively less worried, since they have got a wide array of choices with some pre-written HTML modules and they can use this module without writing codes manually. Though still learning the HTML codes is quite important to set up the HTML.

  • 1.HTML codes help you in customizing your web document to a great extent
  • 2.HTML codes help you in generating queries
  • 3.HTML codes are extremely important for creating a professional website.
  • 4.HTML codes are essential for creating a dynamic website.
  • 5.HTML codes are necessary for creating a website with a lot of forms to send information.

Setting up HTML document requires creating  a new HTML document and start writing the HTML codes. In order to setup an HTML document, you need to know the basic codes, that is the opening Body Tag and closing Body tag.


HTML document is coded with the code hierarchy and the opening code

always begins with the <head> and <body>. Let us see this example below, for the opening and closing document HTML code, which shows the basic elements to build your web page:



<title>My first web page</title>



The content of my first web page.



As you can see the page starts with <html>, which tells the browser that, everything within <html> is HTML code. We have two main sections within the <html >, namely <head> which defines the heading of the document and includes <title> shown on your web page, and <body> which is the key are of any HTML file, as it contains the actual content displayed on your web page.

Setting up the CSS

Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) are the formatting instructions that are linked with an HTML document to take off the formatting on the web page. HTML can only do the basic editing and write the text, while if you want your page to be more stylish and look attractive then you need to set up the CSS. Though setting the CSS is never been difficult, still, you need to know the basic coding of the CSS and especially the different style, font, and colors to create a great web document. After setting up CSS, the most important task is to link the CSS with your HTML document to make your web page complete.

How CSS Helps?

With the help of a CSS you can actually complete your web page by customizing the pay layout, creating Menus, top Navigation, Side Navigation Bar, aligning the Text, positioning the images and also creating the Buttons on the web page.

<style type=”text/css”>

html, body {

margin: 0px;

padding: 0px;

border: 0px;



To link within HTML to an external style sheet, use the following structure:


<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”stylesheet.css” />


To embed styles in HTML page:

<style type=”text/css”>

styles …


Using a body style

body {


padding:8px 4px 12px 4px;


background:#000000 URL(images/space.gif);

In order to get the complete overview of the CSS and HTML coding, you need to have thorough and in-depth knowledge. You can visit any of the leading web development company in dubai to gain more understanding about integrating and setting up the HTML and CSS codes. Though, if you are simply going for the website designing, then you may not need to learn the codes, but this will also help you in knowing the HTML/CSS elements that can make a great website for you.