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E-commerce Website Design | 6 Min Read

How To Setup A Magento Development Environment

how to set up magento

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Posted on: Friday December 16, 2016

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Magento Development

Magento is a popular open source platform based on the PHP programming which is used for advance website development. Magento offers a lot of benefits for the website designers who want to make a really good ecommerce website with minimum efforts. Though, there are some other open source platforms already available for the ecommerce development like Shopify, but nothing like Magento. Magento offers a wide range of tools and plugin which makes designing a website lot easier and less time consuming. Many people often compare the website development with Magento with the website development in WordPress, but there is a lot of difference. If you need a full fledged static website without any advanced functionality, then WordPress is the best open source to go with, on the other hand, if you need an advanced dynamic website with full fledge functionality then the Magento is the best choice.

Getting started with the Magento development

With Magento you get the ease of selecting the website templates and since it is an open source platform you have a wide choice of advanced templates available. There are many templates which are freely available, while you need to pay for some of the premium templates. The templates are quite easy to be customized, though unlike in WordPress where even a non professional person could develop the website, in Magento you need to be a professional programmer to customize the templates. Sometimes, you can reach out to the Magento open source community that would help you with codes and other files essential for the PHP programming.

Magento website development

Magento Modules and Integration

Magento offers a wide range of Plugins and pre designed modules which are essential for the website designing. The developers can either download Plugins from the Magento community or from the Magento enterprise or may be uploaded the Plugins to the servers using a Magento connecting key. Every Plugin has some limitations and features. The selection of Plugin totally depends on the website theme, programming language and the supporting Plugins.

Magento Content Management System

The Magento Content Management System is a widely recognized and accepted content management system after the WordPress. The Magento CMS offers a high utility of integration and in depth content management though a single module. When you are using the Magento content management then you can also share the content cross platform through the advance CMS feature offered by the Magento. The Magento offers great liberty in the smooth content management with advanced features.

Going forward with the Magento website development is the best way to start, because it offers great piece of learning and creativity. You can surely get friendlier with many PHP factors, attributes and HTML codes while designing a website with Magento. The great thing with Magento, that you have tons of support and services available on the web. The Magento open source community itself is the biggest community to help the developers building website on Magento. Apart from that there are lots of free online communities that provide great help to the Magento developers. They also provide Magento Framework and assistance in the Magento UI development.