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How to solve the biggest problem with the website design services?

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Posted on: Tuesday December 20, 2016

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Designing a good website is always an intricate task for the programmers and sometimes it becomes even tougher when they face different difficulties because of the client requirements. Although these days there is no scarcity of the tools website designing, but still, sometimes things just don’t work as per the programmer resulting in a very eccentric website design.

There are some typical problems frequently faced by the programmers when they are designing the website and such problem includes the error in coding, putting the wrong interpretation of the codes and using the outdated plugins or the software. All these problems really create a lot of trouble for the programmer and also decrease their efficiency as well.

Browser Compatibility: Browser Compatibility is always considered as one of the biggest challenges for the programmers in the website designing. A good website is the one which is compatible with all the browsers. These days there are so many web browsers available and some popular browser include the Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera etc.

Bad Navigation/ URL Structure – Navigation plays a vital role for a website. A good website Navigation allows users to browse the website more freely and briskly. There are different types of website Navigations like side Navigation, menu navigation, and the footer Navigation. Each and every Navigation is important for the users and makes it quite easy for them to locate everything on the website with just one or two clicks. If the navigation is not accurate, then users will get confused and hence will leave the website.

Site Architecture –The website architecture also plays a crucial role in improving the website’s visibility. There are several ways through which you can design a very clean and detailed site Architecture. Some of the essential elements of a website structure are:

• Site Navigation
• Folders & Files
• Website pages
• Menu
• Headers & Footer’s
• Breadcrumbs
• Sitemap
• CSS elements
• Site links

Every part of the website structure is defined by its class and attributes that will make it more complex for the programmer to create good website architecture. The utility of the website totally depends on the simplicity and accuracy of the website structure. A website having a poor architecture usually experiences a lack of visitors, and huge bounce rate because no visitor wants to waste their time in browsing a website which is difficult to navigate.

Ensuring Ongoing Support And Maintenance Contracts Are Profitable
Uninterrupted Website Support is the key to success for any website and without it, things just don’t work perfectly. You need 24×7 support to ensure that your website is running round the clock and is free from any bugs and malware. A suitable web support helps a website to performs properly in each and every browser with its full functionality.

Increasing time spent fixing problems
Sometimes, it requires more consistent efforts to fix the website problems and it does increase the time span which ultimately affects website visibility. During the website maintenance, the website remains down mostly and is not available for the users, but if in case it takes more time to complete the maintenance, then you may lose many potential clients.