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Digital Marketing | 8 Min Read

Importance of Hiring Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Importance of Hiring Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

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Posted on: Wednesday November 13, 2019

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The rise of Digital Marketing procured vast evolution in the field of traditional marketing and despite several assumptions by various experts across several industry verticals, the scope for creativity & innovation will always be there.


Unfortunately, few prominent digital marketing agencies in Dubai do not accept this notion and have been following a “pied piper of Hamelin” approach.  This is letting digital marketing lose its true essence.  Just copy each other and sometimes use unlawful tact’s in their concepts for getting more numbers in online leads which gets to zero when it comes to quality.


Starting from the basics of marketing, we’ve learned that every product has its unique selling point (USP) and requires the individual audience to be targeted, meaning the same strategy of marketing is not applicable at all.  The current scenario of not following this basic yet crucial point has brought digital marketing to such a stage where relatively the same advertisements are getting flooded again-n-again that too with the same audiences through emails, SMS, social media and other online portals.  It’s been both diluting interests & confusing the genuine audience in the process of selection from similar offerings across digital platforms. This process is also a huge wastage of precious resources, otherwise been capitalized better if the optimal process was adopted.


The primitive reason behind this scenario is “lesser knowledge” of outsourced digital marketing agencies in Dubai in terms of ground experience. In a common scenario, the objective of organizations outsourcing their digital marketing campaigns and those who are getting it for working from the outside is different.  The first one intends to save their costs while later focusing on getting online leads, so argue for a price hike in their next contract renewals.  In this process, the essence of advertising the product’s USP gets deprived and becomes a mass marketing concept rather than targeted marketing, opposite of ideal digital marketing literature.  Surprisingly this scenario is favorable for service providers like Google and Facebook as their revenue gets on increasing and companies tend to pay more willingly for the same campaign.


Major ones in digital marketing especially social media, SEO and SEM are primarily based on bidding structure for targeting desired set of audience and mightier bid wins the race of course. However, it’s advisable that experienced marketers should opt for optimal bidding strategy rather than being focused to target specific portions that will be helpful in significantly reducing the costs per lead and lead to utilization of strategic digital marketing to the fullest.  Also, marketers especially those belonging to digital marketing agencies of Dubai should start to realize the full potential of digital marketing and bridge the gap between ground knowledge and approach in marketing to ultimately get the best results.  Another important stride here is probing the most appropriate target audiences for specific products and absolution of the time spent on this research will be decisive in discriminating quality versus quantity.


The blame of the entire scenario cannot be solely put on digital marketers, but on leaders and management officials involved in making decisions has an equal share, as they missed out on the opportunity to allocate optimal resources at the correct time and correct place.  It’s advisable to conduct any digital marketing in-house since stakeholders involved in the campaigns are exposed to crucial data belonging to clients, however more apt would be keeping an in-house team that is more focused on generating leads, but in accordance with organizational values without any fake or false commitments.


Additionally, there should always be experienced personnel working in close proximity with the marketing team to ensure appropriate and accurate research. Similarly, if an organization outsources marketing campaigns to a professional digital marketing agency in Dubai, it’s advisable to allocate a well-experienced person as a point of contact for proper monitoring of progress but also work in close for devising campaigns to ensure only success in the longer run.


No matter how bad is the current situation for digital marketing, there’s always a scope to get everything corrected. The only requirement is avoiding the Pied Piper approach and increasing the use of the right tools by the right person with the right resources and there’s is a lot to gain from digital marketing.