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How to install Magento 2.0 in XAMPP

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Posted on: Sunday April 9, 2017

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Magento Development Company requires server configurations along with the combination of composer setup and one can follow the given steps in order to install the Magento 2.0 in XAMPP.


Step1: First you need to download and install XAMPP local server in your computer.

Step2: Now you need to open control panel of XAMPP.

Step3: Here you need to start Apache and MYSQL server.

Step4: And then you need to download Magento 2.0 series latest version.

Step5: And download composer. After this installer will install the latest version of composer and it will make your path, it is easy to call composer from any directory using command lines.

Step6: After installing composer press next.

Step7: After that select “install shell menus”.

Step8: Click on Next then it will ask for folder php.exe file. Then it will store in c disk c:\xampp\php.

Step9: Click on install it finishes the installation.

Step10: Note: if you get errors, go back to magneto 2 directory and right click to composer.lock = “select composer update” then start over the installation.

Step11: Now the program will ask magneto username and password, user name and passwords are not your login account you must get secure keys to enter to this field. Secure keys can get from>my account secure keys (under developer section on the left). Here you can see public keys and private keys. Public key=username and private key=password, use these values to proceed magneto installation.

Step12: Now we have to move that open magneto 2.0 folder in XAMPP root folder.

Step13: When you open the root folder of XAMPP there we can find a folder name htdocs.

Step14: When you open htdocs you have to paste magneto folder.

Step15: After step 7 you can rename the folder as your convenience.

Step16: After (rename the folder name) after you need to create a new database in your local server.

Step17: For that you need to open your web browser then type local host and press enter there will you see XAMPP dashboard.

Step18: After that, you need to click on PHPMY admin showing upper right side of the right dashboard. Go to web browser PHP my admin.
Step19: There you need create a new database.

Step20: Now you need to write (magneto folder name) in your URL bar and then press enter.

Step21: It opens magento site then press agree and setup magento.

Step22: Then it opens the first page of magento installation.

Step23: There you have to write the name of database you have created recently in your local server.

Step24: In a database step, enter database information you created in PHP admin (you can use root username to avoid error with my SQL privileges) leave database password blank.

Step25: In the next step it shows setup URL and, admin URL and some other options, fill it properly.

Step26: Then fill the details shown their like select your time, your currency and your language.

Step27: Next create your admin account to manage your store.

Step28: Then create username and password for your admin panel.

Step29: After filling the details it shows the install button then click on the button.

Step30: It starts installing. Wait up to installing complete being processed, wait until your setup is done.


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