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Integrating Klaviyo With Shopify – A Detailed Guide For Quick Setup

Integrating Klaviyo With Shopify – A Detailed Guide For Quick Setup

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Posted on: Monday January 17, 2022

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Often, while establishing an E-commerce business, business owners pay a lot of attention to opting for the template, payment gateway and administration of the business but not to marketing. They become proactive in marketing much later when the business comes into operation and observe stagnancy or declination. According to Shopify Experts and patronizers, automating marketing is either an afterthought or even non-existent for the majority of the business owners on the E-commerce platform.


However, everyone undeniably agrees that marketing is critically important for every business, and that is no straightforward path. That being said, automating the marketing engagement process seems like a promising idea, yielding good outcomes and convenience. Therefore, for anyone running an E-commerce storefront on Shopify and determined to automate the marketing of their store, integrating Klaviyo with Shopify is their best bet.


Let us first start with understanding what Klaviyo is and how it helps an E-commerce entity in marketing.




Klaviyo is one of the most powerful marketing platforms in contemporary times. It helps E-commerce business owners deliver a more personalized experience to their fellow consumers. Relying on facts and figures, Klaviyo has been helping brands across the globe to make more than USD3.7 billion in revenue in the last year only. This is because it has become so much easier to build deeper, higher-value customer relationships that, on average, as many as 67 brands move to Klaviyo each day.


Klaviyo enables you to send bulk SMS campaigns and personalizes every message with its robust automation, making content management easy, automated and straightforward. You can create multichannel experiences for your customers and manage it all from a single platform.


Features of Klaviyo:-


The dynamic features of Klaviyo are as under,


(1) Email Marketing 


  • Building and Personalizing emails
  • Sending outbound emails
  • Manage email deliverability
  • Automated email responses


(2) Online Marketing for A/B Marketing 


(3) Lead Management and Segmentation


(4) Reporting and Analytics


  • Basic Reporting
  • ROI Analytics
  • Revenue Analytics


(5) Templates for Texts and themes




  • Pre-made
  • Build




  • Analytics
  • Issues
  • Integrations


Pros of Klaviyo:-


The reason why Klaviyo can capture a market share of 4.82% with more than 76,524 companies running this software is the following features:-


(i) Email Automation nurtures new prospects, especially with education and promotion content.


(ii) List segmentation allows one to segment the list by behavior, purchase history, and demographics, giving more insight into customer segmentation.


(iii) The promotion sales give a high delivery rate of Flash sales, discounts and organic promotion that drives sales.


(iv) The SMS messaging system allows us to time SMS messaging aligned with email promotions, thus achieving a more all-rounder marketing approach to CRM.


(v) Klaviyo serves excellent reporting by campaign and marketing period, tracking open rate, CTR, conversion and revenue.


(vi) With the innovative management feature, Klaviyo saves store graphics from past campaigns and employs them in future marketing efforts.


(vii) Klaviyo’s email builder mechanism is hands down unique with the impressive campaign builder. It allows graphics, text, shapes, and images to be incorporated into HTML emails.


(viii) The AB testing functions allow campaign optimization.


Cons of Klaviyo:-


A few disadvantages of Klaviyo are:-


(a) The graphics management requires improvement so that resizing images becomes easier.


(b) Limited templates for the campaign builder.


(c) It needs more decision points to break off from the standard automation flows.


Since it is evolving, Klaviyo is continually working on the issues mentioned above and striving to deliver the best; that is why it is being used by big brands like Facebook, Nestle and the State of California, to name a few.


How is integrating Klaviyo with Shopify helpful for an E-commerce business?


Integrating Klaviyo with Shopify paves the way for brands to share accurately targeted and extensively personalized communications with their customer base within seconds. With Klaviyo gathering and storing the information, the brand can build an impeccable customer experience and a valuable relationship that enhances sales.


When the trigger flows, the email marketing automation mechanism utilizes the filters, dates, list membership, events and splits for optimization; therefore, the store owner can arrange the customer segments after determining their profile characteristics, consumer patterns and location. Furthermore, it serves top-notch data science, predicting delivering a more customized experience.


Integrating Klaviyo with the Shopify store germinates a fully integrated lifecycle engagement to deliver targeted and branded marketing emails. It makes brands omnipresent, i.e. the entity can communicate and engage with customers on various platforms. By utilizing the predictions, store owners can target more valuable customers. In addition, business owners can access business data efficiently with just one-click integrations available with Klaviyo.


Steps to integrate Klaviyo with Shopify:-


The following steps will help you in integrating Klaviyo with your Shopify store:-


Steps to integrate Klaviyo with Shopify


Step 1. Open your Klaviyo Account


Step 2. Add your Shopify store URL 


To make the integration ceaseless and optimized, adopt the following steps too:-


  • Klaviyo onsite javaScript: You immediately include Klaviyo’s Active Onsite Tracking snippet by checking this box. If you ignore doing this now, you will have to add the JavaScript Code manually.


  • Subscriber email list: By checking this box, all the consumers who accept email marketing at the time of checkout or sign up will be automatically added to your email list.


  • Compile a list of SMS subscribers: Checking this box enables the system to add all those consumers who accept SMS marketing to your list.


  • Sync the status of consumer SMS subscriptions with Shopify: It is recommended that you enable this to sync the status of consumer SMS subscriptions with Shopify so that you do end up pestering your consumers, driving them out of your realm.


Step 3. Establishing the connection


After configuring the settings for the integration, you will be moved to your Shopify profile.


Step 4. Installing the Shopify Application


Once you have installed the Shopify application by clicking on the ‘Install’ button, your Shopify account will be connected to your Klaviyo account.


Is integrating Klaviyo with Shopify worth it?


Absolutely. By now, we have established what this integration offers you as an owner of an E-commerce business on Shopify. In addition, this integration will extend you:-


  • Full data sync – allowing you complete sync of data (customer and orders), keeping it automatic so that you do not have to bother yourself with development and servers unnecessarily.


  • Prebuilt templates – offers you a wide range of prebuilt templates for email marketing.


  • Codeless functionality – quick sign-up forms are available for fast integration, requiring no coding.


  • Coupons – shop owners can share coupons with their pool of customers in a few clicks.


  • Data enrichment – offering automated data synchronization, especially data related to catalogs, order events, and checkout.


  • Alerts – alerts regarding new product launches and restocking of products are automatically shared with the customers.


  • Product suggestions – post-integration, it automates product suggestions to the consumers after studying their past purchasing history.


  • Customer predictions – it can predict customers’ churning life and lifetime value.



If you are not aware of Klaviyo Shopify tags, let us help you out. Theta re simply tags allocated as customized properties to each customer’s profile on Klaviyo. This tag helps conserve information as listed data because these tags are utilized when various tags are applied to a customer. Using them wisely and optimally helps organize and streamline the Shopify store’s workflow and optimize its operations. It also helps send specific campaigns to different segments and organize these tags.


Concluding thoughts

In short, a few minutes dedicated to the integration of Klaviyo with Shopify rewards store owners with robust and unmatched data synchronization, which is automated and assists marketing communication dynamically. One can easily conclude that this integration leads to an amplified digital marketing strategy that promises smoothly automated business flows and lead generation.