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PHP development services in Dubai

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Posted on: Friday December 16, 2016

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Today, PHP is the most used and a popular programming language for website designing and development across the globe. It is been used by more than 240 million websites and 2.4 million web servers across the world. These statistics suggest that more than 2/3rd of the websites are designed, and developed using the PHP. PHP is also one of the oldest programming languages after the HTML. It has been used for over three decades. Rasmus Lerdorf first used PHP in 1995, who is also the founder of this language. In the recent times, the demand for professional PHP developers has increased in Dubai. There are now many PHP development companies in Dubai offering professional website design services. Likewise, Dubai, PHP programmers are in heavy demand all over the world, because of the continuous advancement of the language in a modern era. Over the years, PHP has gone through several modifications and redesigning, and become more advanced and dynamic. The most revolutionary change in the PHP has come just a few years back when PHP is embedded with the multilingual modules that mean PHP now supports multiple languages. You must have seen many multilingual websites and PHP is the language behind those websites. PHP has made possible to develop a full functional multilingual website with ease.PHP originally stands for the Programming for Home Page, but these days PHP is known technically as Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting programming language supported by the multiple databases that include Oracle, MYSQL, and Sybase.  PHP is also a friendly language due to which, it has been the first choice of web developers and programmers.

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Key features of PHP

It’s free and Open Source: The most versatile fact about PHP, which makes it extremely popular, is that it is free. Yes, PHP is available free of cost and anyone can easily install and use PHP without spending a single penny. Not only that when you visit the PHP open source community, you will get many pre-designed PHP modules and templates that could save a lot of your time and energy.

Easy to install, learn and edit PHP is easy to learn the language. If you are not into the advanced PHP programming then anyone who has the basic knowledge of HTML could easily learn and master the PHP. However, when you are going to learn the advanced PHP then probably you need a professional training to get command in this language. PHP can be easily integrated with the HTML codes, therefore, it makes quite easy for the programmers to make the web pages in PHP on HTML.


Friendly Language: PHP is considered as the friendliest language for web developers and programmers. Unlike other programming languages, PHP does not require heavy and complex coding, rather it can be written in very simple and easy programming codes. Remembering the PHP codes is quite easy and therefore designing a website in the PHP takes less time than designing a website in any other programming language.


More control in programming: PHP is quite easy to use and offers great control to the programmers in the programming and website designing. It does not matter whether you are creating an ecommerce website or a service website, but when you are using PHP, everything would be made easy. It will provide you more choices, more features, and options to make website designing quite fun. Overall, it gives you more control in programming.


Most accepted language: since PHP is a highly popular language, therefore it is the widely accepted across different web servers. You will hardly find any web server that does not support PHP or does not come with a PHP module. PHP is been recognized as the global programming language for the website designing because of its wide acceptability.