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Pro Web Lends A Helping Hand To Ajman University’s Demo Day, To Bring Thought Leaders Into The Limelight

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Posted on: Monday March 25, 2019

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Pro Web – Unisys, a part of UNISYS General Trading FZE, joined hands with the prestigious Ajman University, to promote the onset of a new dawn in UAE with Demo Day, 2018, a start-up and business innovation mixer event, held on February 20. The day-long event saw top business leaders, startups, SMEs, government representatives, non-business organizations and students coming together in a creative, and a rather entertaining interchange of existing and novel ideas in the fields of business and innovation.

Lined with creative media walls, a live music show, and a slew of discussions circling the pitfalls and trends in the business ecosystem, the event saw top business leaders speaking on a variety of subjects; from data governance in data management to self-driving technology in car rentals, makeup bigwigs to blockchain technology in currency exchanges, the event had it all.

Pro Web – Unisys – a distinguished new player in the digital information game, gave a hand to this refreshing experience by virtue of digital creation and promotion. Entrusted with the responsibility of giving a unique virtual look to this event, the team of Pro Web conceptualized a digital brand for this occasion; a brand that could efficiently as well as elegantly, communicate its core values.

Guided by the vision of Mr. Alaa Saleh, Administrative Officer, AU, Pro Web conceptualized and executed the official website of the mega event Demo Day, 2018, which aptly represented the conjunction of students, businesses, entrepreneurs and faculty members with innovation, creative thinking and talent acquisition. The project also included designing event related sundries like T-shirts, badges and standees.

The biggest takeaway for the company during this mega-event, however, was the opportunity to work with some equally talented entities like Maram Elsebakhi, the ideator of ‘SILENT ZONE’. Maram Elsebakhi, a student of American University of Sharjah, was exasperated by the constant sounds of texts, calls and notification buzzers of mobile phones, even in quiet zones. He thus came up with the idea of a technology that will automatically disable the calls and texts of all mobile phones entering a predefined geographical location. Pro Web shaped this dream of Elsebakhi into a reality with ‘SILENT ZONE’, a mobile phone application that served this exact purpose.

Another great opportunity that presented itself through this event was the chance to work for University Champs, an Ajman-based sports club that conducts football tournaments amongst educational and athletic institutions. The project saw Pro Web designing a whole new website for the club, and successfully launching the brand into the competitive arena of Ajman.

Through DEMO DAY 2018, Pro Web – Unisys also received the honour of association with an exciting new venture named Seoul House, a karaoke machines and Korean BBQ grill renting service and participant startup in DEMO DAY, 2018. Seoul House is a daring, and quite refreshing, a business venture, with a singular objective: to create memorable Korean Barbeque and Karaoke parties, the kind that does not happen quite a lot in Ajman. Pro Web endorsed the introduction of this exciting concept, by joining hands with the agency to create an online identity and brand, that aptly conveys the creativity of the ideators.

During the course of the preparations of this event, Pro Web – Unisys synchronized itself with the greater agenda of this event, to pull into the limelight the thousands of thought leaders and decision makers, who have the will and courage to put their ideas into motion.