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E-commerce Website Design | 9 Min Read

Prominent E-commerce Website Design Trends To Rule in 2020!

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Posted on: Tuesday December 31, 2019

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Web designing has been aspiring for both designers and businesses. But in a highly competitive global market, your ecommerce web designing requires to follow the latest trends in order to attract customers. There have been several trends emerging in the market some of them still continue to grow in importance. Here we’ve compiled a list of popular ecommerce web design trends that will continue rocking in the year 2020:

1. Material Designs

Material designs enjoy a decent share of popularity and many popular e-commerce sites have already picked this method with the realization of its wide design potential.  Material design is a modern, vibrant, and content-focused style having minimal appearance. The use of motion concepts, shadow effects, and depth help designers create tidy and magnificent interfaces appearing more realistic to end-users. There are several websites to be taken into consideration for material design inspiration. These web pages have done a brilliant job in terms of material design. The clever use of boxes standing out from the grid with shady background accumulates depth and grabs attention.

2. Cinema Graphs & Animations

There will be a significant rise in the use of cinemagraphs and animations in 2020 ecommerce web designing. Cinemagraphs is a widely utilized trend especially by ecommerce websites. It’s usually a still picture with bit addition of small animation effect to give a mini video experience to users and grabs attention. Also, there’s been a use of CTA (call to action) buttons, button spins, graphic designs, icon rotations, loading bars, to grab user’s attention.

Similarly, gif’s and animations are also proving to be good assets for engaging users and add visual movements to dull and static pages.  These are smartly being used as home page banners and background images to relinquish a more enjoyable shopping experience to the users.

3. Hamburgers Menus

This ecommerce web design trend has been here for a while now and certainly will grow in 2020 as well.  These menus have been popular and been adopted by many websites. These are also an integral part of ‘bootstrap’- a popular framework embraced by designers worldwide. Web pages designed using this framework follow Bootstrap 3 Navbar which always has hamburger menus on the right side of the navigation. However, in 2020, there will be a subtle change in the placement of the menu to garner more user engagement. Now hamburger menus would be placed on the left side of web page navigation.

This change has been adopted to ensure that the hamburger menu grabs maximum user attention on the website. Google and several leading websites have already placed the hamburger menu on the left side navigation to get it noticed by the user at first glance.

4. Multifunctional Images

Recent studies indicate that 92.6% of online users believe that eye-catching visuals play a crucial part in a purchase decision. Multifunctional images will become the point of attraction for e-commerce websites to deliver the quality user experience. Irresistible pictures are visual treat for the users and important factor for user engagement.

It’s evident that a “first impression’ is lasting one, so website owners only have 4 seconds to make a great first impression. We all know images are immediate attention grabber for the people, so websites having high-quality and beautiful images to showcase their services, products, services and brands will enjoy huge attention from the users rather than the websites focusing mostly on the text.  There’s no doubt that content is important for websites but unnecessary text makes the website dull and drives users away. 2020 will be seeing e-commerce websites clasping multifunctional images contributing more to the visual story for keeping customers engaged.

5. Lazy Loading & Long Scrolls

At last, lazy loads and long scrolls will be arriving like a storm on the ecommerce sites.  In the past, whenever a user required seeing more products then he/she had to click on the next page every time which was effortful and time-consuming in terms of page loading intervals.  For achieving good website performance and better user experience, the addition of more number of products/ objects to the current page rather than loading a new page is getting popular. As a result, larger scrolling pages and lazy loading can be witnessed.

The product category page of a regular ecommerce website is a good example of this. Whenever end-user start seeing products on a product category page, typically 10 products are shown but as you scroll downwards/vertically, new products will get to be added on the page. Now any shopper can see 50 to 100 products effortlessly before loading a new page. Thus, long page scroll designs will dominate in 2020’s ecommerce web designing.

Honorary Mention

A trend that must be mentioned here is ‘advanced adaptation’.  In the coming times, web pages will adapt not only screen size but will changing layout based on age or on the basis of whether a user is left-handed or right-handed. Unbelievable isn’t it? But we need to wait until this trend comes to the limelight.

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