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Mobile Application Development | 8 Min Read

React Native: Best For Cross-Platform Development

React Native

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Posted on: Friday March 27, 2020

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Mobile applications have emerged as necessary investment for businesses, since it will give you wide audience connectivity across this important channel. As the world is shifting more towards the smart phone, this opportunity just cannot be missed. The choice of the development platform makes a huge difference when it comes to mobile app development.

The native mobile app development has been a conventional approach which triggered the need of cross-platform development as it saved more time and money. There are a range of platforms which can be used for creating mobile apps, but React Native is definitely the best option available.

Here’s a keynote about necessary facts you need to know about this framework:

What is React Native?

It’s a cross-platform app development framework suitable for both Android and iOS, claiming huge popularity in today’s time. React Native brings traditional and modern approach in cross-platform app development scenario to render the most amazing apps with huge capabilities. It was launched by FaceBook in 2015 and since then it’s no looking back. Here developers can create high-performing and appealing apps for both Android and iOS, without any comprise in quality and robustness. The framework is solely based on the JavaScript library, giving leverage to a single javascript codebase working on various mobile devices. Brands like Instagram, Walmart, and Bloomberg are using this framework to increase popularity and credibility.

Why use for cross-platform development?

Businesses had been struggling with necessity of having separate apps for iOS and Android since starting. They required developing a separate code for both, which increased both costs and time. This lead to necessity for cross-platform apps and React Native established itself as correct development framework in this scenario. The framework was introduced particularly for iOS mobile apps but later was used for Android as well. It has platform modules along with specific file extensions where its coding can be further embedded for imparting platform-specific authenticity and cuts down the development cost and time to a huge extent.

React Native apps offer seamless user experience, native-like performance, easy learning facilities and regular updates without entering into the app stores. The intuitive and modular interface simplifies the transformation of web apps into mobile apps. It is also ideal for creating an MVP at minimal cost and time duration. This also makes the framework as preferred options for cross platform development unlike Ionic, PhoneGap, and Xamarin.

What concerns React Native resolve?

React Native resolves various core issues in mobile app development including:

  • Differences in codebase
  • Iteration period
  • Modular and intuitive interface
  • Imperative programming
  • Live update feature
  • Less memory consumption

Why React Native in 2020?

There are ample reasons why React Native is the best cross-platform frameworks. Moreover, 2020 will open new frontiers for businesses about to invest in React Native-based applications with new updates arriving already. The existing features of React 0.59 can be modified for hassle-free development experience. Some upcoming improvements expected in 2020 includes:

Better Accessibility

An update in July 2019 improved it further in terms of accessibility. The 0.60 release provide several changes for improving accessibility on both Android and iOS platforms. These improvements were:

  • Missing roles added for number of components
  • Accessibility State API added for web support
  • Supports Reduce motion and iOS accessibility flags in iOS
  • Supports Accessibility Info. and Accessibility in Android

Auto-Linking For OS

The libraries included native along with platform-specific code. With new addition, it’s possible to search and utilize these codes once more. A major headway in auto-linking can be expected in 2020.

New Start Screen

Another new feature making easier for developing a React Native application is a new app screen coming with the latest release. Developers have claimed that new screens will be more user-friendly with useful instructions clearly specified. Also, the users connect to React Native ecosystem in a more engaging way.

Fast Refresh

The feature that came in September 2019 takes the development experience much higher. It brings hot reloading and live reloading together, in addition to full support for modern React and gearing up for becoming an even better choice to developer business mobile apps.

Are You Ready For Revolution In 2020?

In contrast to the benefits and upcoming improvements, it would be correct to say that React Native is about to become a promising business solution in 2020. Businesses of all sizes are willing to invest in React native apps for making themselves move to next level. By leveraging the capabilities of this framework, businesses can achieve smart savings, through agile development process and robust apps.

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