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Mobile Application Development | 8 Min Read

React Native: Is Native App Development Doomed?

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Posted on: Friday May 29, 2020

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This isn’t about hybrid application development or an application wrapping for mobile websites but native applications in usual. A native app which sticks to your design according to iOS and Swift or Java and Kotlin for Android help indicates that they are built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Moreover, you can utilize your actual web development skills which come handy while developing native iOS and Android apps using these skills. This also makes it possible to utilize HTML, CSS and Javascript skills at fullest to develop native Android and iOS applications.

These apps are fantastic on different levels with some common examples include Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Skype are developed using the services of leading mobile app development company in Dubai.

Facebook was at the verge of facing many problems sticking around redesigning its application and everything. These problems became huge when Facebook started seeking a more functional platform having the capability to handle unusual traffic spikes and could be designed quickly. The Facebook team built a Javascript library that’s better known as React. The version of this solution came when React started engaging a faster virtual DOM.  Since React is a collection of lightweight components which can be injected anywhere, it’s also compatible with PHP, MySQL, Firebase, MongoDB or any database of your choice. Knowing that react native is a successor of React.JS in mobile app development scenario. All the components of React.JS must have observed whether it’s a component prop, states, Redux, Modals etc are significant part of React Native as well.

Double Benefits of React Native

React Native does not require application compiling and get it reloaded just like a website does for web browsers, contrary to Java and Swift code. Also there is no requirement of maintaining 2 individual codebases for application. Since your requirements can lead you fetching an Android and iOS in addition to the web, it always needs individual teams of the corresponding Android or iOS. So if you require extracting similar features for iOS and Android applications, lots of correspondence between 2 teams on apps features ground, deadlines, delivery, expectations of the client etc.

High Performance Then Native Code:

React Native apps is high performance unlike any other app built in Swift or Java/Kotlin. Those using React Native prefer running a few tests to compare its performance with native code and several times found its performance way better than swift. While calculating the GPU performance of Native and React Native, the GPU load was surprisingly found astonishing for react native as compared to swift by close to 6.25 frames per second.

However in other memory tests, footprints of other features looked negligible while comparing to swift as well. So during the high of its performance, React Native used 61.11 Mb less memory then swift. Again during the task and recording the measurements, the spike observed in the memory usage was found lower in many deciding situations.

Why React Native Is Best For Developing Mobile Apps?

React Native app development offers a single codebase that’s capable of producing native android apps with iOS applications. This is why React Native gets a lot of attention and developers are contributing more to the community.

Is Native App Development finished?

Native apps are still useful in several sectors and many business houses still prefer React Native, while some others prefer native code in Kotlin or Swift. This is a good source of options for selecting mobile technologies.  Both Desktop app developers and mobile app development companies get huge advantages while selecting the best-suited platform according to subtle attributes of any project.

Since there are plenty of apps capable of being developed using Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP, and even Node.js, technologies evolution will continue as per the demands. The biggest takeaway that React Native offers is that developers can choose to move along with Android development or Swift as the case may be.

Future Aspects:

Despite, React Native has grown tremendously in past few years and if the scenario continues then sooner or later you shall be seeing more apps on react native in comparison to those using Swift or Kotlin for development. Keeping this in mind, development of mobile application ecosystem will turn a lot from the current traditional forms. It will grow to a point where client needs shall absorb react native development or any other emerging or upcoming technologies for corresponding mobile app development.


The rise of React Native and similar javascript frameworks blurred the lines between web and mobile app developers. It enables to build mobile apps without learning Java or even Objective C. As one of the mobile app development company in Dubai our long list of successful projects enable us to bring the best out of these frameworks.