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Shopify Web Development | 11 Min Read

Reasons For Migrating To Shopify Plus Instead Of Magento In Dubai, UAE?

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Posted on: Friday November 27, 2020

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With a significant increment in the usage of Shopify Plus over Magento and other ecommerce development platforms, we observed a surge in the advantages provided by Shopify Plus. These increasing benefits offered by the platform each day helps ecommerce rise significantly be in terms of user traffic, sales, or overall ROI.


Why is the switch so immediately desired?


Magento clients are now forced to either hit a dead road of the journey or consider re-platforming with Magento 2.0, which is costlier than before, or to find other solutions for enterprise-level applications. Magento users now don’t have much choice than to switch to the upgraded paid versions. It is because of the total shut down of the upcoming Magento version 1. This situation puts the ecommerce owners in a position wherein they have to deal with the complete loss of the app store support, users, consumers, and inventory, which forces them to create the platform from scratch, which is a tiring task. Magento’s step has put its users at a stake of risking their business even with the upcoming updates in the system that they might have to deal with at later stages. Moreover, there is not a very high chance that security patches can be preserved.


What is in store for current Magento users, and what should they do?


Magento users need to understand that the Magento platform’s transformation and upgrades are made for their benefit apart from the platform’s. Hence, if they stick to Magento 2.0 going for re-construction, they have their entire store setup as it is just with added security and features.


However, this alternative is relatively costlier than whatever is available in the market! So the immediate question that hits our head is the best switches that Magento can make while enjoying similar benefits?


The answer is Shopify Plus. To begin with, Shopify Plus is among the fastest-growing industry platforms and is among the most comprehensive enterprise ecommerce platforms for many clients. So the movement from Magento will unquestionably be quick, harmless, and very cost-effective.


What are other benefits in store for you with Shopify Plus?


shopify megento


(1) Dedicated Hosting:


The hosting for the entire ecommerce shop is dedicated, and site security is most beneficial for Shopify Plus. For the ecommerce sites currently hosted on Magento, hosting is not covered in the yearly Magento fees. So if you are a Magento user, chances are you have already struggled to find hosting solutions, and those can be very costly.


(2) Simple Development:


Overall, Magento is known for being a complicated and oppressive program for hosting, requiring a lot of coding and resources along with the need for consistent optimizations. Magento 2.0 executes attempts to make the platform further user-friendly. But examining Magento 2.0 and Shopify plus, it is evident that Shopify Plus persuades users by enticing yet more affordable hosting, site safety, smooth UX & UI, while Magento being intricate and complex for first-time users.


(3) Security:


Security is a significant subject. Shopify plus incorporates PCI compliance while you will have to deal with it yourself in the case of Magento. This fact implies that you also need to learn which level of PCI acquiescence your store needs. Hence, this amounts to a lot of work, many resources in terms of workforce and time.


(4) Over-Dependence:


While you switch to Shopify Plus, you reduce your dependency on your expensive development team, and Shopify Plus also enables you to maintain a quality customer experience consistently.


(5) Backend Stability:


All integrations are seamlessly coded. However, the method stays fixed. For Magento, one revision or integration may put your backend at a stake of errors. This makes the ecommerce owners feel frustrated and ensures that the users are prone to doubt their visit to the website. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that users do notice the slightest change occurring on your website. Shopify Plus assures quality and maintains a high standard for the types of applications that acquire their retailers’ approval.


(6) Customizations:


Shopify Plus has published scripts that permit developers to write their customizations without jeopardizing flexibility or maintenance. Building out custom applications in Magento is less effective because there is no standard of code. Indeed, you can hire a developer to create customization, but since you are on your server, no one is apprising you on the code which might work best to achieve a reliable result.


Now, with the above points making the choice of ecommerce development platform favoring Shopify Plus, the entire discussion proceeds to find solutions to your specific questions and requirements for your ecommerce store.


Where to go when in doubt for Shopify Plus development?


It is definitely daunting to make a sudden switch on your ecommerce development platform as it possesses high risks of losing your most efficient functionalities and security aspects. However, we hope the platform differences must have helped you make the right choice, as mentioned in this article. There must be other specific questions that you may have for undergoing this switch even after the enticing benefits of Shopify Plus. We at Pro Web are here to answer all your queries and help you with the entire development process. With more than a decade of Shopify development in Dubai, we can assure you that we can offer you better clarity, and our experts can help you make an informed choice.


Concluding thoughts

Shopify Plus is a more feasible option because of its highly stable nature, apart from everything being automated. They have it all set up, and therefore, you can relax! If you are still unsure, then hear us out on this: Shopify does yearly on-site compliance inspections and administers risk management, so you do not have to worry about this delicate and costly aspect. Hence, we suggest you migrate to Shopify Plus and let the Shopify experts help you make the smooth transition.