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Shopify Web Development | 7 Min Read

Shopify UAE: Easy Tricks For Proper Optimization Of Your Online Store

Shopify UAE

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Posted on: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic has given a chance to the world about re-thinking the current ways of doing business. However some verticals like e-commerce have a chance of increasing their brand value on digital platform. Not only this will help in gaining more traffic but also convert them into prospect customers and ultimately garner more profits.

Those running a Shopify based ecommerce website can utilize this lesser-busy time of this year–and as a small business, to ensure that your website is running at peak performance. With prominent websites like Amazon and Walmart are present to compete, you can’t risk a poor customer experience.

Moreover, it is high-time to prepare and get everything in a proper system – these are our suggestions for improving your sales strategy:

  • Speed Optimization

The e-commerce website speed should be the foremost priority. Research indicate that 49% of online customers expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds and 38% of these prefer leaving the website if it takes 3+ seconds. Many online store owners spend this time to ensure that their website is perfect: add flashy graphics, big buttons, and fun videos to attract more customers.  But these big impressive graphics and interactive shopping carts are worth only if they load properly.

So ensure your web hosting service provider offers necessary bandwidth to perfectly handle the traffic spikes. Those using a hosting service must consider switching to VPS, where you definitely get a certain allocation of resources and you can easily scale as needed.

Follow our previous post to prepare your e-commerce website for traffic spikes.

  • Product Demonstration

As retailers expect to get more traffic than usual which majorly includes new faces–people having no prior experience of online shopping with any Shopify based e-commerce website before, or those who haven’t seen in a long time. You can take this as a good opportunity to wipe-out old inventory or remove the less-popular products clogging your warehouse–but that’s not appropriate. Most of the people like to have “hot ticket” items that are trendy, fun, and bound to make an impression. It’s the precise reason why when you’re setting up your Shopify store, highlight top-selling merchandise despite making it a jumbled mess with every single thing you offer, choose a few and really let them shine.

  • Checkout Optimization

The visitors’ checkout experience is as crucial as page load time. The cart abandonment has been a matter of concern for several online retailers–and the primitive reason here is unexpected shipping costs.

Some other reasons why customers abandon in last minute (and what you can do about it):

  • Unavailability of express shipping: People want to receive their purchases faster, so offering a variety of shipping options is vital here.
  • No coupon codes: Your competition out there will offer a better deal than you always. So if you want to keep your online visitors happy, give them a little bargain.
  • Longer checkouts: Ensure checkout process don’t take 15 different steps. Keep it fast and easy as well as don’t make customers create an account before making a purchase. Rather give a “guest checkout” option.
  • Mobile Optimization

Last but most important is the mobile performance. It’s been estimated that 45% of purchases are done through mobile devices–and this cannot be ignored. Make sure that above mentioned stats about page load times and checkout experience is also applied on mobile website as well and completely functioning before any traffic spike. Other considerable things include:

  • Graphics and images, which won’t load on a mobile device
  • Text size, which often looks too small
  • Buttons, which are small & hard to click

Final Thoughts

Online shopping enthusiasts will start heading to your online store–and you better need to be prepared. It’s crucial to know that improving your Shopify website for creating the best possible customer experience is mandatory. At Pro Web, we help you from design, to hosting, to optimization. Connect to one of our team of knowledgeable experts today to find out how we can get your Shopify store ready in no time.